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Thursday, December 9th, 2021

Investor Awareness Program at Press Club

press club chandigarhINVC, Chandigarh, Citizens Awareness Group, in collaboration with Securities Exchange Board of India organized Investor Awareness Program under the aegis of Securities Market Awareness Campaign by SEBI in the Press Club, Chandigarh. It is felt that awareness pertaining to the stock market is lacking among investors. A lot of people cannot invest or hesitate to do so and many tend to make wrong decisions due to lack of information. Advising people not invest in a business they do not understand, investors were asked to look for companies with a sound management. Mr. Surinder Verma, Chairman, Citizens Awareness Group, said “You would not buy a colour TV before visiting a few dealers and taking advice from some friends. But a rumour might prompt you to buy stocks worth Rs. 2 lacs. So most of the losses occurred in the stock market are a result of hasty decisions, greed and fear.” He also exemplified how even educated and high income group investors fail to follow the safeguards while investing in the stock market. Mr. Vjayan Verma, Deputy General Manager, Securities Exchange Board of India, Northern Regional Office, (SEBI), New Delhi said that the presence of market regulator like SEBI and due to safe regulation adopted by various stock exchanges, the market has become far safer for small and medium investors. If investor enters in the market equipped with fundamental knowledge about the company they intend to invest in, they have fairly good chance of making a steady profit. He dwelt upon numerous aspect of the capital market like duties of investors, investor protection guidelines, trading and risk management etc. Mr. Vishal Shukla, Assistant General Manager Securities Exchange Board of India, New Delhi said that objective of the program was to educate the citizens about the investment opportunities available in the securities market and apprise them about their rights and obligations while dealing in the financial market. Sh. H.C. Arora, Manager Investor Services, Delhi Stock Exchange informed that DSE also receives and handles investor complaints against defaulting companies be it relating to non-receipt of share certificate, dividend, annual report. DSE takes up such complaints rigorously with the defaulting companies and it was a matter of great satisfaction that there has been full cooperation from the existing companies who respond to communication promptly and solve investors’ grievances in time. There have been a few investors who have spent value time in writing praiseworthy words about DSE’s services. The program was attended by more than 100 general investors and the queries put forward by them were answered by the Panelists.



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