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Saturday, January 23rd, 2021

International Conference on Skilling India for Health - Wellness and Medical Tourism

Dr. Gulshan SharmaM.M.Khanna,
INVC, Chandigarh, International Conference on Skilling India for Health-Wellness and Medical Tourism concluded here today at Ashoka Hotel in N. Delhi on 23rd Sept, 2013, organised jointly by NIMA and Confederation of Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism (CWMTS). The inaugural session of the conference was presided over by Mr. Girish Shankar, IAS, Addl Secy Ministry of Tourism GOI. Various representatives of the health and wellness industry coming from Sweden, USA, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Singapore and from different parts of India were present. Girish Shankar in his inaugural address said that medical tourism is one of the important segments to promote tourism industry in India and his department besides other things is mulling a program to organise World Medical Tourism Conference. Earlier, Dr. Gulshan Sharma, president of NIMA while laying the ground for the discussion on the occasion said that challenges before the Health and Wellness Industry is lack of skilled manpower and infrastructure to train people up to global level to promote Medical tourism in India. Dilip Chenoy, CEO and MD-National Skills Development Council (NSDC) while making his presentation said that by 2020, out of the projected population of 1.40 billion, there will be 500 million people that shall remain without employability skills if necessary steps are not taken at the earliest. He said that the task of skilling this population is daunting and private organisations need to be involved in this mission, for that ‘Sector Skill Councils’ have been formed. Chenoy said that health, wellness and beauty industry is one of the industries that have been included in the Govt. programs for skilling manpower through different modes of funding to the organisation and the trainees undertaking these programs. Mr. Dilip ChenoyManish Patwardhan, president of the CWMTS, while speaking said that Spa Salons are important segments of the wellness industry and needs to be recognised as such and there should be some agency to benchmark the skills required in the industry and persons working in this industry need be licenced to bring this segment to a creditable and respectable level. During open house panel discussions many delegates expressed their views to promote Health and Wellness Industry. Prof. Paul Porthep Narula, hotelier from Thailand  while expressing his views said that Thailand attract more tourists coming for medical treatment from Europe and Middle East, even though medical facilities available in India and Thailand are at par and in some cases India excels in some departments. One of the reasons that foreigner patients prefer Thailnad for treatment is that it is Visa friendly and mind set and attitude of the general public towards tourist is friendly, besides, there are many places of tourists interest for the family members accompanying the patients to visit. If India wants to increase medical tourism it needs to emulate Thailand. Others who expressed their views included Ms. Nayana Karunaratne, president OMC Asia, Srilanka, Ms. Maya Paranjapye, Director Butic Institute, Mumbai, Mr, Frank Vital, Health Coach, Sweden, Dr. Arun Gupta, renowned Ayurvedist, Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Vice President CWMTS and Mr. Jatin Walia, Chairman Body Spa, International.



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