Monday, July 13th, 2020

Inter – Governmental Meeting on Male Declaration Meet today

INVC,, Delhi,, The Inter–Governmental Meeting (IG-12) on Male Declaration is being organised tomorrow here. The Implementation Process at respective country level regional cooperation is assessed in the Inter-Governmental (IG) Meeting every year. Inter-Governmental Meeting are organized to discuss the policy of the respective government, the progress of the entrusted activities, future / projected plan of the respective government, the implementation of work plan and for noting the commitments for implementation of Male’ Deceleration process. Male Declaration is currently considered as an example for sub-regional cooperation. It provides the framework for South Asia to cooperate not only in air pollution issues but also on environmental security. IG-12 has a major task in terms of developing a sustainable mechanism for the implementation of the Male Declaration. The Task Force on Future Development (TFFD) developed 3 key documents for the consideration of tomorrow’s meeting. They are Sustainable financing mechanism, regional centres and strengthening the regional framework. The major agenda of IG12 are to review the progress of the MD’ and propose the new activities and work program to be implemented in 2011 till the next IG meeting the data report collected and compiled in the previous phases of MD & consideration and discussion the revised monitoring manuals, to consider the report from Task Force for Future Development (TFFD) and discuss the feasibility study being conducted for the establishment of regional centres and to deal with Fiscal and policy measures for emission reduction in Bangladesh and any other issues raised by the participating countries. The Inter – Governmental meeting represents delegation from National Focal Point (NFP) and National Implementing Agency (NIA) of respective participating countries. So far 11 intergovernmental (IGs) meetings were organized in the past. The programs are being jointly organized with UNEP.RRC.AP; Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India and Central Pollution Control Board. Regional Stake Holder’s Meeting (RSC-6) concludes today. All member country representatives from Bangladesh , Bhutan, Iran , Maldives, Iran , Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and implementing agencies, stake-holders and sponsors , SACEP, UNEP are participating in it.



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