Insurgency & Terrorism key challenges: Chidambaram


Prakash Chandra Sao

NEW DELHI. Admitting himself as aware of the security situation and the issues to be addressed, Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram on Monday stated terrorism, naxalite violence and insurgency in the northeast as the key challenges.

“We will raise the level of preparedness to meet the increasing threat to security, public order and communal harmony,” he told journalists here on the first day of his joining office in the Ministry.

He said the government would respond to any of these threats using modern systems, highly trained human resource and advanced technological tools. Asserting that the Centre is determined to deal with Left-wing extremism with an iron hand, he added the Centre’s action plan is to first carry out a “police action followed by development.”

“Naxalites are anti-development. We build schools, they demolish the school buildings. Telecom operators put up mobile towers, they blast those towers. We build panchayat houses, they blast those houses.”

“According to the directions of the Prime Minister, the Home Ministry would draw up another 100-day plan to be taken up for implementation from June 1”, he said.


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