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Friday, January 15th, 2021

Instructions have been given to all Commissioners

From now onwards, commuters in Haryana need not stop their vehicles for checking of documents if they abide by traffic and road safety rules on the roads.

          While giving this information here today, Director General of Police, Haryana Mr Manoj Yadava said that instructions have been given to all Commissioners of Police, IGP Traffic and Highways and district Superintendents of Police to stop checking for documents if a vehicle has not visibly violated any rules. However, documents would be checked and subsequently challan may also be issued in case any driver is found to have been committed any visible traffic violation. The objective of implementing this novel initiative is to make motorists follow traffic rules, to ensure road safety to the maximum and to curb violations on roads.

          Mr Yadava said that the past practice of flagging down the vehicles for document check would be stopped if a commuter is not visibly breaking rules. Our prime purpose for routine traffic checking is to ensure road and traffic safety as well as to educate and aware people about having a safe and secure journey. Henceforth, no unit of the district police including the traffic would conduct traffic checks solely for the purpose of ascertaining whether the driver has complete documents. Safe driving by following traffic rules would also help in preventing road accidents, he added.

          He made it clear that driver’s license, vehicle registration etc would be checked by the Police for crime prevention and detection measures viz during area sealing after heinous crime as well as during night domination exercises.




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