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New Delhi,
Instances of illegal fishing in Indian waters by foreign fishermen come to the notice of Government from time to time. A total of 233 foreign boats and 1686 foreign crew were apprehended by the Indian Coast Guard during the period 2011-15.

Vessels and aircraft of Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy are deployed on 24×7 basis for surveillance in the maritime zones of India to protect national interests including for preventing infiltration and poaching by foreign fishing boats. Indian Coast Guard conducts community interaction programmes with the fishermen to sensitize them on prevailing security situations and develop them to be the “eyes and ears” for intelligence gathering. Static radars have been installed along the Indian Coast line for electronic surveillance of vessel traffic. Coast Guard has been conducting regular exercises biannually on coastal security in co-ordination with other Central and State Government agencies i.e. Marine Police, Customs, CISF, Fisheries Department, Port Authorities, State Police and Indian Navy. Strengthening of maritime security and coastal security is a multi-stakeholder activity and necessary measures are implemented by various agencies. To ensure coordination, regular meetings of the National Committee on Strengthening Maritime and Coastal Security (NCSMCS) are held in which all stakeholders participate.

This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar


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