INS sunayna deployment to south west IOR : strengthening maritime security


INS Sunayna, a stalwart of the Indian Navy’s fleet, recently made headlines with its significant deployment to the South West Indian Ocean Region (IOR). On 20th June 2024, this formidable vessel entered Port Louis, Mauritius, marking a pivotal moment in India-Mauritius maritime relations. Prior to its port call, INS Sunayna, in collaboration with the Mauritius Coast Guard (MCG) Ship Barracuda and MPF Dornier, undertook extensive maritime surveillance of the Mauritian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Maritime Surveillance and Joint EEZ Patrol

The deployment of INS Sunayna underscores India’s commitment to cooperative maritime security in the South West IOR. Collaborating closely with Mauritius, the Indian Navy conducted joint EEZ patrols, enhancing regional security and maritime domain awareness. This proactive approach not only safeguards vital sea lanes but also strengthens the strategic partnership between India and Mauritius.

Warm Welcome and Community Engagement

Upon its arrival at Port Louis, INS Sunayna was warmly greeted by the Mauritius Coast Guard Dornier and the Mauritius Police Force Band, symbolizing the strong camaraderie between the two nations. The visit, scheduled for three days, is packed with diverse activities aimed at fostering professional exchange and community engagement. These activities include harbor training sessions for MCG personnel, community service initiatives, medical camps, and sports activities.

Celebrating International Day of Yoga (IDY 2024)

A highlight of INS Sunayna’s visit was the joint Yoga session held onboard, in collaboration with MNCG Barracuda, to commemorate the International Day of Yoga (IDY 2024). This event brought together personnel from the Indian Navy and the National Coast Guard of Mauritius, promoting holistic wellness and unity. More than 200 participants, including Indian diaspora members and representatives from the High Commission of India, actively participated, further strengthening cultural bonds.

Open Ship and Public Engagement

As part of its outreach efforts, INS Sunayna will be open to visitors on 22nd June 2024, providing an opportunity for the local community and visitors to experience firsthand the capabilities of this advanced naval vessel. This initiative aims to enhance public understanding of maritime operations while showcasing the technological prowess and operational readiness of the Indian Navy.

Strategic Significance and Future Prospects

The visit of INS Sunayna to Port Louis not only enhances bilateral maritime cooperation but also sets the stage for future collaborations between India and Mauritius in areas of mutual interest. By conducting joint exercises, training programs, and cultural exchanges, both nations aim to deepen their strategic partnership and contribute to regional stability and prosperity.


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