Sunday, February 23rd, 2020

Innovative products at International Pavilion grab attention of visitors at CII Agro Tech

Kulbir Kalsi,,



A scarecrow which is actually attracting farmers and other visitors to take a close look at it, is the Solar Scarecrow on display at the stall of Korean firm Kukje Danjo Co. Ltd at the CII Agro Tech Fair at Parade Ground, Sector 17, Chandigarh.  The Solar Scarecrow, which is priced at Rs 8250, has generated a lot of interest among the business visitors and there have been a lot of queries for its dealership as well. Mr Kim, Assistant Manager, Kukje Danjo Co. Ltd shared, “Every visitor is fascinated with this lion-faced solar scarecrow and we have been able to get more than 90 enquiries for dealerships from North India. We invite Indian companies to tie up with us for sale and marketing of these products on India. We hope to receive more queries and we are willing enter into partnerships in India.”  Shaped like a lion, one arm of the all-weather scarecrow sports a solar panel for charging the batteries while the other one is in metal in the shape of a hand and keeps moving. The eyes of the scarecrow light up when a bird comes close to it and it also creates sounds to scare away the bird. It takes around three hours for the solar panel to charge and its power lasts the entire day. The solar panel runs the motor and also recharges the battery as needed. The arms are driven by a small motor that is powered by the solar panel.  The Korean Pavilion has become a favourite for not only the farmers but also businessmen and entrepreneurs looking at  dealership/franchisee opportunities. Another product which is catching the eye of farmers is the Silo Bag of Lat Am Agro. These innovative bags, which have been sourced from Argentina, are available in different sizes and capacities ranging from 1 Tonne to 350 Tonnes, keep the grain safe from moisture and attack of pests. The bags can store dry grain, animal feed and fertilizers and prevents storage losses at a low cost.  Mr Rajender K Grover, Vice President, Special Projects, Lat Am Agro shared that, “We are looking at setting up facilities at various centres in Punjab where the Filling Units would be located. These would be set up either by the company or by franchisees and we are inviting querishave received a number of enquiries for this and welcome more queries for partnerships. The food grains would either be brought by tractors to these Filling Units or these Units would be taken to the farm and the loading of the product would be done there in the Silo Bags. The Bags will then be sealed, to keep the grain safe which would save a lot of money of the farmer. The cost of the bagging would be the same or cheaper than what FCI charges,” he added.



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