The trend of global markets, inflation, industrial production data and quarterly results of companies will decide the course of stock markets this week. Market experts believe that during the week many macroeconomic data are to come at the global level, due to which the volatility in the markets may remain constant. Apart from this, the flow of foreign funds, crude oil prices and fluctuations of rupee against dollar will also decide the movement of the market.

Market experts say that the trend of global markets, volatility of dollar index and crude oil prices will continue to affect the market. Apart from this, US inflation data is to come on May 11, while India’s inflation and industrial production data is to come on May 12.

Certainly these figures will be important from the market point of view. He said that now the final batch of results of the fourth quarter of the last financial year is yet to come. Because of this, some stock-specific movements can be seen. Big companies like SBI, Tata Motors, L&T, UPL, Tech Mahindra and Cipla will announce quarterly results during the week. He says that the market will first react to the quarterly results of Reliance Industries, which have been announced after the market closed on Friday.

Apart from this, the Russian-Ukraine war and the performance of other markets will also have an impact here. On the macroeconomic front, inflation data based on industrial production (IIP) and consumer price index will come out on May 12. The market will keep an eye on these figures. Reliance’s profit has risen on the back of a strong jump in oil refining margins, sustained growth in the telecom and digital services sector and a strong growth in retail.

This week the market will react to the inflation data around the world. Apart from macroeconomic data, quarterly results, several initial public offerings (IPOs) are also going to open during the week. In such a situation, volatility will continue in the market for now. Inflation data from US and China will decide the trend of global markets. PLC&GT


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