Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

Indulge In The Villas Of Port Antonio

INDULGE IN THE VILLAS OF PORT ANTONIOMM.Khanna, INVC, Chandigarh, Jamaica’s vast array of accommodations provide an idyllic setting for families looking to plan their perfect getaway full of fun, sun, and family-bonding in a uniquely Jamaican way. All-inclusive resorts offer the ultimate in entertainment, adventure and luxury, while private villas offer families the added benefit of true seclusion and relaxation. Port Antonio's villas are famous for their splendid accommodation, excellent staff and incredible settings. On the outskirts of the town, these magnificent houses are tucked away in the verdant hillsides or immediately adjoining the sparkling blue sea. Whether you're seeking a romantic getaway or family holiday, these villas will match all your desires and tempt you to stay forever. A typical villa day starts whenever one decided to roll out of bed, which really becomes a question of how long you can ignore the alluring, crystal-clear water outside your front door. If you're in the mountains, you'll wake to a birdsong drifting in the air. Then it's on to breakfast - a spread of tropical fruits and a delicious meal of your choice prepared by your personal chef. The rest of the day will float along as you tan yourself on the deck or nearby beach, taking frequent dips in the cool water. In the late afternoon, the sunset colours the sky with liquid oranges, pinks and blues. Later, the quiet night descends and reveals an endless canopy of dazzling stars and, very often, the blazing trail of a few falling ones. After just one of these days, one will find all his/her problems and worries gone, every muscle in the body relaxed, every thought harmonious. You'll begin to notice that you are now operating on Port Antonio time, dictated not by a watch, but by the drift of the sun across the water. Many of the hotels in Port Antonio offer villa accommodations. Two of the more popular rental companies are San San Villas and Blue Lagoon Villas. The villas are comfortably and tastefully furnished. Most have indoor and outdoor dining room areas, sunbathing decks, air-conditioning and more. All villas are fully staffed with a chef, housekeepers and, if requested, a security guard. Both companies will gladly help organize outings to some of the beautiful sights in the area. Should you crave to see more of Port Antonio or Jamaica, your villa is the perfect home base for day excursions. Portland has some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is also home to the famous Blue Hole, a lagoon more than 200 feet deep, and Jamaica's jerk capital - Boston Bay. The nearby mountains conceal hiking trails, ancient caves and amazing waterfalls. Outside of Portland, the rest of Jamaica awaits.



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