According to the information shared by the Reserve Bank of India, in the week ended April 15, the country’s forex reserve will be reduced by $ 311 million to $ 603.694 billion.

The country’s foreign exchange reserves continue to decline. The RBI released the data and said that the main reason for this decrease in foreign exchange reserves is the decline in foreign currency assets. FCA declined by $877 million to $536.768 billion. Which is a significant part of the total currency reserves.

While there has been a decline in FCA, on the other hand the country’s gold reserves increased by $ 626 million to $ 43.145 billion during the week under review. The Special Drawing Right (SDR) deposited with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) declined by $44 million to $18.694 billion for the week ended April 15. The country’s currency reserves kept with the IMF have come down by $ 16 million to $ 5.086 billion. PLC&GT


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