Sunday, August 9th, 2020

India’s first ivy league healthcare management program for executives to drive better health systems in India

Columbia University’s Department of Health Policy & Management, announced India’s first ivy league healthcare management program for senior doctors.

INVC NEWS New York , Better Health Systems: Global Management Program for Healthcare Executives (GMPHE) is an 11-month program that aims to build managerial and leadership skills among healthcare professionals and transform them to future business leaders who can shape better health systems in India. The program is launched in collaboration with TPL The Indian healthcare industry, which is expected to touch USD 280 billion by 2020, is comprised of key sub sectors such as hospitals, pharmacies, drug manufacturers, insurance and allied healthcare services. There is an ever growing need for leadership and managerial talent in these sectors. This prestigious ivy league program will help professionals in these sectors learn best practices in global healthcare markets and apply those lessons to Indian marketplace. The participants learn how to explore underlying opportunities through innovative solutions and become adept at managerial and administrative skills. They will also learn how to start and operate complex healthcare institutions such as hospitals and then better administer them. On the occasion Michael Sparer, Professor and Chair, Department of Health Policy & Management, Columbia University commented, “If you want to innovate within the healthcare system, this program will give you the tools and skills to impact change and participants will be well positioned to lead the effort. We are committed to advancing theory and practice throughout the healthcare industry and to produce a better health system.” About this first-of-its-kind academic collaboration, Anish Srikrishna, President – TPL said, “As an industry poised to grow exponentially in the near future, healthcare will witness unprecedented challenges and unimaginable opportunities. Our collaboration with the Columbia University will assist senior executives and professionals from the sector to meet those challenges head-on and thrive”. In this program, participants travel twice to the campus in New York to undergo a rigorous learning experience that includes site visits, executive round tables and simulations apart from classroom sessions. There are two immersions in Mumbai where the faculty travel to India to interact with the professionals and there are live interactive sessions delivered at Times learning centers across the country throughout the course of the program. The learning topics are focused on policy, strategic and organization choices, quality, leadership challenges and implementing performance management. The program ends with an ivy league convocation! Innovation in healthcare and education is a cornerstone for socio-economic progress in India. TPL believes that providing access to an ivy league education through TSW and Columbia University’s Department of Health Policy & Management for Indian healthcare professionals is not only a first step, but a giant leap, in better managing future healthcare organizations.



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