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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is everywhere in the air. Jumpin Heights, India’s first extreme adventure zone brings a unique way of celebrating love and togetherness for couples this year through exclusive ‘Giant Swing’ and ‘Flying Fox’ activities. Jumpin Heights celebrates exclusive couple adventure activities for this Valentine’s day, where the couples can conquer their fears together as daredevils and redefine their love for each other.

Today, when Valentine’s Day has become as important a celebration as birthdays and anniversaries, couples are searching for unique ways to express their love and compassion for their beloved one. For those, who have aren’t finding fancy dinners, chocolates, and roses captivating enough, Jumpin Heights has rounded up a series of unique Valentine’s Day Celebration ideas to express love in the most unpredictable ways. By breaking the cliché of the expression of love, the extreme adventure zone with Asia’s longest flying fox and India’s highest – and most extreme- giant swing is redefining the romance with thrill and adventure. Jumpin Heights offers couples to experience the two most daredevil Tandem— Giant Swing & Flying Fox to bring a new sensation in the unconventional V-day celebrations.

Excited about the offering these experiences from the extreme adventure zone on this Valentine’s Day, Ms. Niharika Nigam, Director – Business Development, Jumpin Heights says, “The charm of love is can only be heightened with adventure- It’s cool, it’s edgy and its novel.

Traditionally thought to be more of men’s domain, women can share these experiences and reinstall the faith that they truly are their equal partners in the adventure of life. The entire experience can be mysterious, enthralling and surprising. We want couples to celebrate their love in a unique way, where they can relive their promises of forever togetherness and eternal faith, and truly fly into the sunset . on India’s most extreme Giant Swing or Asia’s longest Flying Fox. Live your insta moment!”


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