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India has set a new record for coal production in the month of April 2023, with a staggering 73.02 Million Tonne (MT) of coal, marking an impressive growth of 8.67% as compared to April 2022’s 67.20 MT. The Coal India Ltd (CIL) has reported a production of 57.57 MT in Apr’23 as compared to 53.47 MT in Apr’22, representing an increase of 7.67%. These numbers are a testament to India’s rapidly growing coal production industry, with efforts being made to augment production and reduce reliance on imports.

Increase in Production Capacity

The Ministry of Coal has played a significant role in India’s coal production record, paving the way for releasing additional coal into the market through the utilization of mining capacities of captive/private coal blocks. This strategy has led to an impressive increase in coal production by 17.52%, reaching 9.88 MT (provisional fig.) in Apr’23 as compared to 8.41 MT in Apr’22. With such impressive growth rates, it is clear that India is committed to enhancing coal production, and this will go a long way in reducing dependence on imported coal.

Initiatives to Augment Rail Connectivity Infrastructure

The Ministry of Coal has also implemented initiatives to augment rail connectivity infrastructure for all major mines under PM Gati Shakti to ensure faster evacuation, resulting in a growth of 11.76% in total coal despatch from 71.99 MT in Apr’22 to 80.45 MT in Apr’23. This achievement is a testament to India’s unwavering commitment to optimizing all aspects of coal production, from production to evacuation and transportation.

Coal Block Auctions

With an objective to enhance coal availability, the Ministry of Coal has offered 103 coal/lignite blocks for auction under the 7th round of auction. In addition, 29 agreements have already been signed for mines that were auctioned in the 6th round of auction, with the cumulative peak rated capacity (PRC) of 29 coal mines reaching 74 million tons per annum. These measures are aimed at further augmenting India’s coal production capacity, reducing reliance on imports, and ultimately leading to significant savings in foreign exchange.

The Government’s Commitment to Enhancing Domestic Coal Production

India’s efforts to increase domestic coal production are aimed at reducing the country’s dependence on imported coal and ensuring a stable energy supply for the nation’s rapidly growing industries. The government is committed to enhancing coal production in the country and has undertaken several initiatives to achieve this objective. With the current pace of growth, it is clear that India’s coal production industry is set for even greater heights in the years to come.


India’s coal production industry has achieved a significant milestone with the record increase in coal production in April 2023. With impressive growth rates in coal production and despatch, coupled with the government’s initiatives to enhance production capacity and augment rail connectivity infrastructure, the future of India’s coal production industry looks brighter than ever before. The country’s unwavering commitment to reducing reliance on imported coal and enhancing domestic production is a step in the right direction, and we can expect more such achievements in the years to come.


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