Indian Train: Indian Railways free child travel rules and regulations 2024


New Delhi : When, how and for how much can your child travel free in Indian trains, how and under what circumstances you may have to pay heavy fine and what are the new rules and regulations of Indian Railways regarding children. Know through this article the new rules and regulations of Indian Railways 2024 regarding travel free children travel .

Whether your child is traveling a long distance or a short distance, people like to travel in a vehicle which is comfortable. While many people prefer to travel by plane, a large section of the country travels by Indian trains. There are many reasons for this, which include balanced fare, comfortable seats, sleeping facilities, AC, catering and toilet arrangements etc.

You just have to book the train ticket and then you can travel, but many times people remain confused that up to what age children are not allowed to travel in the train? If you also want to know this, then you can know about this further. So let us know up to what age children can travel for free in Indian trains.

What is the railway rule regarding children – :  Actually, if you are also going to travel by train with your child, then it becomes important for you to know up to what age a child can travel free in the train. In such a situation, according to the rules, children aged one to four years can travel free in Indian trains and they do not have to make any kind of reservation.

Rules for children aged 5-12 years – : If your child is between 5 to 12 years of age, you will have to buy a train ticket for him. However, if you wish that your child does not require a seat, then a half child ticket can be purchased.

Only during this period, i.e. after buying a half ticket, the child has to sit with his parents or those with whom he is travelling. If the child asks for a separate seat or his parents ask for a separate seat for the child, then this cannot happen. At the same time, if you want to get a separate seat for your child aged 5-12 years, then for this you have to buy the entire ticket. After this you can make your child sit on the reserved seat.


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