Indian Railways made new rules for the benefit of crores of passengers


Indian Railways made new rules for the benefit of crores of passengers

If we want to travel by train, then first of all we have to take train ticket. Leave the train, if you have to go to the railway station, then you have to take a platform ticket there too. Today we are going to tell you about a wonderful rule of Railways. Due to which your time can also be saved and you can easily avoid any kind of trouble. We are talking about traveling without ticket in the train.

Whenever we travel by train, pass, general ticket or reservation ticket is necessary for that. Because when you are traveling in train TTE checks your ticket. If you are found without ticket in the train then you have to pay fine. The fine is as per the prescribed rules of the Railways.

On the other hand, according to the rules of the railway, if you have to travel by train and you do not have a reservation. In such a situation, if you have to go somewhere by train, then you can board the train by taking only the platform ticket of the station from where you want to travel. The advantage of this will be that you can get tickets made from the TTE present in the train. Yes, you can get tickets made inside the train itself.

This rule has been made by the Railways itself. For this, you have to contact TTE immediately by taking platform ticket, then TTE makes ticket from where you board to the station where you want to get down. In such a situation, you can do your journey easily and there will be no loss to the railways and you will also not face the danger of checking etc. in any train.


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