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Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Indian Railways is extending all possible help to the victims : Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu

INVC NEWS New Delhi,

In order to make the rail journey more comfortable and remarkable, Indian Railways has been launching various services and projects. In this direction,  Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu in a programme held today at Rail Bhawan, through video-conferencing launched and dedicated following services to the nation : - 1.      Laying of foundation stone for Gaya Byepass (At Gaya, Bihar). 2.    Dedication to the Nation- Electrification of Bakhtiarpur-Rajgir Section (at Bakhtiarpur, Bihar). 3.    Dedication to the Nation- Electrification of Meralgram-Renukut Section (at Renukut, Jharkhand & UP). 4.      Inauguration of following facilities at Bihta Station(Bihar): - a)   Extension of Platforms Nos. 1 & 2 for accommodation of 24 coaches, extension of Platforms shed-4 nos. b)   Provision of benches-12 nos. c)    Provision of water booth-1 no. d)   Improvement of circulating area (south side). 5.  Inauguration/Dedication of following facilities at Chhapra(Bihar): a)      Dedication to the Nation - ISS at Chhapra station. b)      Inauguration of works of escalators (02 nos) and improvements to platforms of Chhapra station. c)      Laying of foundation stone for second entry gate of Chhapra station. d)      Inauguration of Water Vending Machines (02 nos.) at Chhapra. e)      Dedication to the Nation-Wi-fi at Chhapra station. 6.         Dedication to the Nation-newly constructed Goods Sheds and 6 lines station at Chhapra Gramin Station. 7.      Dedication to the Nation - Green Corridor in Bhagalpur- Banka section (Bihar) of Malda Division. Minister of State for Railways Shri Rajen Gohain was specially present to grace the occasion. Chairman, Railway Board, Shri A. K. Mital, other Railway Board Members, several other dignitaries and senior officials were among those present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, Minister of Railways Shri Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu said that the unfortunate floods in Bihar & Assam has caused distress. Indian Railways is extending all possible help to the victims. Inaugurations of various passenger amenities in different parts of Bihar will help the people of Bihar for comfortable journey experience. SERVICES LAUNCHED : - 1)      Laying of Foundation Stone for Gaya Bypass Benefits: ●       Provides Direct Connectivity from 3rd Line between Gaya & Manpur(for movement to Kiul) to Gaya Patna Line. ●       Avoids Reversal at Gaya Station and will improve the movement of COAL,STEEL,CEMENT & FOOD GRAINS to Patna. 2)   Electrification of Bakhtiarpur-Rajgir Benefits •Manpur – Tilaiya - Bakhtiyarpur is a missing link between two electrified corridors of Mughalsarai - Patna - Bakhtiyarpur –Sitarampur – Howrah (Delhi-Howrah main line) and Mughalsarai-Gaya-Dhanbad-Sitarampur-Howrah (Grand Chord). •The proposed section is a shorter route for transportation of coal to National  Thermal Power Corporation's Barh thermal power plant. •Coal will be fed through this route from Tori-Shivpuri collieries of Central Collieries. •Apart from Coal, this section also carries Fertilizers, Food Grains, Cement , Salt etc. `•After electrification of entire section, there will be seamless flow of electric trains in this section as traction changes/detentions at Manpur and Bakhtiyarpur ends would be eliminated. 3) Electrification of Meralgram-Renukut section. Benefits: ●       Garwa Road-Chopan-Singrauli including Karaila Road-Shaktinagar single line section of East Central Railway covering 257 route kilometers passes through the states of Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. ●       Electrification of Garwa Road-Chopan-Singrauli with a view to ultimately connect    Eastern and Central parts of India seamlessly through Garwa Road – Chopan – Singrauli – Katni– Bina – Kota. ●       The electrification of the mentioned route of ECR is necessary from strategic perspective for increase in traffic, operational flexibility and better utilization of assets in electrified section. ●       Electrification of this route will also avoid traction change at Garwa Road. 4) Inauguration of Passenger Amenities at Bihta Station ●       Extension of PF Sheds (4 Nos.). ●       Benches (12 Nos.), Water Booth (1 No.). ●       Improvement of Circulating Area (South Side). ●       Extension of PF Nos. 1 & 2 for accommodation of 24 coaches. 5)            Inauguration of Passenger amenities at Chhapra Station ●         Foundation stone for second entry gate- Estimated cost for Second Entry Gate is Rs. 24.62 Crores. ●       Wi Fi Facility at Chhapra Station- The facility for the visitors & rail users of Chhapra Railway Station is being provided by RailTel in partnership with Google with no cost to Railway for providing high speed state of the art world class internet experience to the commuters. The Railwire wi-fi service is currently available at 127 stations. ●       The facility will offer high-speed broadband like experience to users Wi-Fi facility is being provided at A1 & A category Railway station. ●       Provision of escalators and modification of platforms at Chhapra station. ●       Chhapra station is an ‘A-1’ category station on Gorakhpur cantt. and Chhapra Katcheri section of Varanasi Division, NER. ●       The estimated cost of provision of escalators at Chhapra station is     Rs. 7277052/-  each escalator (total Rs.7277052X2= Rs. 14554104/-). 6) Inauguration of New Goods Shed at Chhapra Gramin Station ●       Chhapra Gramin is a crossing station having 6 running lines. 2 lines are electrified and rest are in progress. ●       New goods shed opened from Feb. 16. ●       Mainly I/W traffic of cement, fertilizer and food grain. Average 23 rakes per month. ●       Good sheds has one full rake replacement capacity, pucca platform, adequate light arrangement and round the clock working.



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