Indian Industry and CII have lost one of their Greatest and Tallest Visionary Leaders : T V Narendran, President, CII

Mr T V Narendran, President, CII further stated, “Rahul Bajaj was a towering leader for Indian industry and his sad demise leaves a huge void in our business ecosystem and India has lost one of its tallest leaders in industry. His ideas and philosophies shaped the contours of Indian businesses especially for the past four decades .Always an indomitable leader, he remained a steadfast mentor for the industry through the time of profound changes in the global and Indian economy, speaking for the highest standards of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. Under his stewardship, the first codification of corporate governance norms in the country happened way back in 1998, well before any regulation or law came into being in this important space” said Mr Narendran.

The CII President added “he spoke for globalization and was a strong and influential proponent for connecting Indian businesses globally. The initiatives he took to take his company global were an inspiration for all entrepreneurs and he built the India brand in his own way. His demise is a deep loss to Indian industry as he was our mentor, guide and lodestone in doing business. I am sure that the ideas that he propounded for good corporate citizenship will stand as a role model and paradigm for industry to continue to follow in his steps.”


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