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Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

India will become world guru, every Indian should not worry and cooperate in nation building

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New Delhi,

Kota GyanDwar and ISTD will not stop in the role of Corona Warrior, Will continue to make members self-sufficient and will  help them to climb the ladder of success and build a successful nation: Anita Chauhan

A webinar was organized on the zoom platform at 5.30 pm on 15 May 2020 at Kota GyanDwar Education Society and ISTD Kota Chapter.

Anita Chauhan, Chairperson of ISTD and Founder of Kota GyanDwar said in the launch of the webinar that a series of training and development programs are being carried out at the door of your knowledge, reiterating the commitment to keep the knowledge alive during the Corona crisis. This webinar was organized under and with the COVID 19 crises , how to achieve success in each of our tasks without losing your confidence, we will not stop or let stop, we will all join together and become self-reliant and discharge our important role in nation building.

National level Motivational and Management Guru keynote speaker PM Bhardwaj, who has been MD and CMD of 4 public sector units, said that instead of worrying, think. Trust yourself and God. Apply stress management and time management in your life. Focus on innovation and creativity. Stay away from anger, item, fascination and illusion, do not boast under any circumstances. Live a simple life, keep your needs under control. Think out of the box and work. He also spoke in his lecture a lot of couplets of Sadguru Sant Kabir, for example with success mantra. He explained the difference between being spiritual and religious. He clearly said that being spiritual is better than being religious. He also mentioned Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana in his speech.

In this important program Prof. PK Sharma was the Moderator. Sharma said that a call was made by the Honorable Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi to make the country self-sufficient. The opportunity received under COVID 19 is not to be let go, for this, every Indian will have to contribute in leading the world with available human and material resources as well as cultural heritage available in India.

PM Bhardwaj gave the mantra of success in a very simple and effective manner. And the specialty of this lecture was that he gave this lecture by adding spirituality which is also the need of the hour. He stressed that India will become the world guru and God has given us this good opportunity, we should take advantage of it at all costs.

Ambassador of the Hon'ble Prime Minister's Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and IT Advisor of the United Nations International Labor Organization. Dr. DP Sharma also said a lot in his own words in short words. Regarding the new direction of COVID19, according to our scriptures, there is definitely a result of doing penance.All the Indians have been doing for about two months and the present government is continuously working non-stop despite many obstacles on the interests of the country and every citizen, that too is a kind of tenacity.

Various participants from across the country benefited from the national webinar. Dr. Devendra Benvette from IIT Delhi, Dr. SA Rao from Visakhapatnam, KM Tandon, Prof. Mohan Nair from Chennai, Salil Chatterjee from Bhopal, Vice Chancellor Prof. Kaushik, Dr. HD Charan, Vice Chancellor Jaipur National University Professor HN Verma, Vice President HR Mr. Dubey, renowned industrialist Prakash Chandra Sanghi, Prateek Luhadia, Basant Jain, Mr. Vijayvargiya Director Genus, Mr. MM Sharma Former General Manager Mr. Cement, Mr. RP Gupta Former President Institution of India, CMD GK Pillai, Economist Malati Jain, Dr. ML Parihar, Dr. Amit Rathore, etc. gave their views.



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