India set to become manufacturing hub for jaguar land rover’s flagship vehicles


In a significant move that marks a historic shift in the automotive landscape, Tata Motors, the parent company of Jaguar Land Rover, has announced plans to manufacture Jaguar Land Rover’s flagship cars, Range Rover and Range Rover Sports, in India. This decision signals a departure from the tradition of producing these iconic vehicles solely in Solihull, England, making India the first country outside England to undertake the complete manufacturing of these luxury automobiles.

Advancing Automotive Manufacturing in India

The decision to produce Jaguar Land Rover cars in India underscores the country’s burgeoning prowess in the automotive manufacturing sector. With Tata Motors leading the charge, India is poised to become a hub for high-quality automobile production. The concept of completely knocked down (CKD) units further reinforces this paradigm shift, as it involves the importation of individual components or parts for assembly within the manufacturing unit, ultimately leading to a streamlined production process.

Implications for Consumers

One of the most significant implications of this move is the potential impact on consumer affordability. By leveraging India’s manufacturing capabilities, Jaguar Land Rover aims to reduce the prices of these premium vehicles by 18 to 22 percent compared to current market prices. This substantial reduction is poised to democratize access to luxury automobiles, making them more accessible to a wider demographic of consumers.

Expansion of Manufacturing Portfolio

Tata Motors’ manufacturing facility in Pune has already been instrumental in producing several Jaguar Land Rover models, including the Range Rover Velar, Evoque, Jaguar F-Pace, and Discovery Sport. Building upon this foundation, the company is set to expand its manufacturing portfolio by adding the production of two additional models, further solidifying its commitment to the Indian market.

Driving Economic Growth

Beyond the realm of automotive manufacturing, this strategic decision holds significant implications for economic growth and job creation in India. The expansion of manufacturing operations not only generates employment opportunities across various skill levels but also fosters the development of ancillary industries, thus creating a ripple effect of economic prosperity.

Responding to Market Dynamics

The decision to localize production of Jaguar Land Rover cars in India comes in response to a notable surge in retail sales within the country. With a staggering 81 percent increase in car sales recorded during the financial year 2023-24, India has emerged as a key market for luxury automotive brands. By aligning manufacturing operations with evolving market dynamics, Tata Motors aims to capitalize on this momentum and further solidify its presence in the Indian automotive landscape.

Commitment to Excellence

At the heart of this transformative initiative lies a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation. By harnessing India’s manufacturing capabilities, Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover are not only redefining the boundaries of automotive production but also reaffirming their dedication to delivering unparalleled quality and craftsmanship to consumers worldwide.


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