India-Pakistan lesbian social media influencer ends five-year relationship

Anjali Chakra and Pakistan's Sufi Malik lesbian influencer breakup
Photo: Social Media

India’s social media influencer Anjali Chakra has decided to separate from Pakistan’s celebrity influencer Sufi Malik. The shocking thing is that the breakup between this gay couple happened just before the marriage. This was first announced by Anjali Chakra of India, who revealed Sufi’s infidelity on Instagram. Anjali said that Sufi cheated on her, after which she has decided to end the relationship. At the same time, Sufi has also confessed to infidelity in his Instagram post.

It is noteworthy that this lesbian couple had shared some of their photos in 2019. These two influencers, dressed in traditional attire, had announced that they were in a relationship with each other. His pictures had become quite viral on social media at that time. Both of them became social media stars overnight in India and Pakistan. After this both of them said that they would marry each other only. However, after five years of relationship, both of them parted ways just a few days before the wedding.

Anjali made allegations of infidelity

Anjali said in a post on Instagram, “This may surprise you, but now our paths have parted. After the way Sufi was unfaithful and cheated on me, I have decided not to get married. We are ending our relationship. Anjali accused Sufi of cheating. However, she appealed to the users that she does not want any kind of negativity towards Sufi.

Sufi also presented his side

After this, Sufi has also said on Instagram that his and Anjali’s relationship has ended. Sufi admits that he cheated Anjali. Sufi wrote, “I made a big mistake by cheating on her a few weeks before our wedding. I hurt her (Anjali) a lot and I am accepting my mistake. I also hurt the people who loved us continuously. And prayed for us.”

Who are Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik?

Anjali Chakra is a renowned content creator and event manager based in New York City. She is originally from India. He studied at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She also runs her own blog, in which she shares her experiences from traveling to gardening.

Meanwhile, 27-year-old Sufi Malik is famous for her lifestyle and fashion related content on Instagram. She currently works in New York, USA, creating content related to fashion, lifestyle and traveling. He has gained a lot of popularity after joining Anjali Chakra. She has also been appearing with Anjali on the channel named Sufi and Anjali on YouTube.

Relationship lasted five years

Anjali and Sufi lived together for more than five years. Both of them got engaged only about a year ago. Then there were also reports of Sufi and Anjali proposing from the Empire State Building, one of the tallest buildings in New York. Both of them had announced their engagement by sharing a video. Both were going to get married this year. For this he had also appealed for registration in America. However, now both have removed the marriage registry appeal. Both have appealed to their fans to respect their privacy.


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