New Delhi – : The CUET-UG examinations have commenced for foreign students who wish to study in India. These exams, known as the Common University Entrance Test, are being conducted in ten different countries, namely Kathmandu (Nepal), Bangkok (Thailand), Doha (Qatar), Dubai (UAE), Kuwait City (Kuwait), Manama (Bahrain), Muscat (Oman), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Sharjah (UAE), and Sydney (Australia). The National Testing Agency is responsible for organizing these examinations, which aim to facilitate admissions for foreign students into Indian universities. The first shift of the CUET-UG exams took place on Thursday in these designated cities.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has reported that the CUET-UG examinations, which started on Sunday across the country, have been running smoothly in most examination centers. More than 16 lakh students have applied for the CUET-UG this year, with over 14 lakh students having paid the required fees. This number reflects a 41 percent increase compared to the previous year. Notably, the National Testing Agency has rescheduled the CUET-UG 2023 exams for students from Jammu and Kashmir. As per UGC Chairman Professor M. Jagadesh Kumar, the CUET-UG 2023 exams, originally scheduled from May 21 to May 25, have been canceled in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Instead, the exams in this region will now commence on May 26.

The CUET-UG examinations hold significant importance for foreign students seeking higher education opportunities in India. These exams provide them with a platform to showcase their knowledge and skills, enabling them to secure admissions in prestigious Indian universities.

The UGC Chairman, Professor M. Jagadesh Kumar, expressed satisfaction with the smooth progress of the CUET-UG examinations in most centers. The UGC, along with the National Testing Agency, has put in considerable effort to ensure the successful execution of these exams, allowing students from different countries to participate and compete for admission to 242 universities across India.

The increased number of applicants this year, with over 16 lakh students registering and more than 14 lakh students submitting the required fees, demonstrates the growing interest among foreign students to pursue their academic aspirations in India. This surge in applications, a remarkable 41 percent increase compared to the previous year, indicates the country’s growing popularity as an educational destination.

In response to the unique circumstances in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the National Testing Agency has rescheduled the CUET-UG 2023 exams for the students in that region. This decision will provide an equitable opportunity for aspiring students from Jammu and Kashmir to participate in the examinations on par with their counterparts in other parts of the country.

The CUET-UG examinations play a vital role in promoting diversity and fostering global academic exchange. They not only enable foreign students to access quality education in India but also contribute to the cultural and intellectual enrichment of Indian universities.

Overall, the commencement of CUET-UG examinations in various cities across ten countries signifies India’s commitment to welcoming and facilitating the academic journey of foreign students. It highlights the country’s dedication to providing a conducive learning environment and fostering international collaboration in the realm of education.



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