Thursday, June 4th, 2020

India must take lead to ensure the G20 acts decisively to end hunger and deprivation

INVC,, Delhi,, Oxfam India along with Centre for Budget & Governance Accountability (CBGA) & the NGO network has written to the Union Minister of Agriculture, Government of India- Mr. Sharad Pawar ahead of the G20 Agricultural Ministers’ Meeting of 22-23 June in Paris on Food Security in India. As the agenda of the G20 summit this year is Agriculture- these NGOs feel that this summit provides them with a great opportunity to bring forth the question of sustainable growth in front of the international community & request them to commit themselves to long-term food production, public financing for agriculture and the stability of food prices. The letter by these non- governmental organisations basically requests to the Union Minister for Agriculture to make decisive proposals to change the reality of hunger faced by 925 million people globally, and address the threat of extreme poverty, undernourishment and deprivation being faced by millions of others.



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