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Sunday, October 24th, 2021

India is going to be the diabetes and coronary heart disease capital of the world by year 2020 : Dr Naresh Goyal

Dr-Naresh-GoyalINVC NEWS Rohtak

On the occasion of World Heart Day 2016 to Create awareness on “Coronaray Artery Disease & Life Style Management a team of Doctors from Max Super Speciality Hospital Shalimarbagh, addressed the media person today. Present on the occasion were Dr.Naresh Goyal , Associate DirectorCardiology &DrDinesh Mittal Sr. Consultant CTVS from Max Super Specialty Hospital, Shalimarbag, New Delhi. Addressing the media person Dr Naresh Goyalsaid “India tops the World in heart attacks among 35 plus Men&Cardiovascular diseases would be the largest cause of death and disability in India by 2020 as per a World Health Organisation (WHO) report.”The average age of people with heart ailments is coming down and these days we are getting patients as young as 20 years," who are coming to us with Heart attack.Patients with Coronary Artery Disease under the age of 40 have increased from 10 percent a decade ago to 30 percent today.The Theme for World Hear Day 2016 is Beat Diabetes. On this occasion Dr Dinesh Mittal Said, "Over 50 percent of patients suffering from heart attack die just because they are unable to reach the hospital in time. What people are not aware of is that it takes only five minutes to learn the technique of Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR. Dr Dinesh Mittal also shared that Beating Heart Surgery has not only revolutionized the field of cardiac surgery, but have also played a critical role in the development of modern day medicine."Today, cardiac hospitals in India perform around 2,00,000 open heart surgeries per year, one of the highest, worldwide. There has been a steady annual rise to the tune of 25-30 per cent per year in the number of coronary interventions over the past several years" he added. Speaking on the occasion Dr Naresh Goyal said “In India, heart ailments have replaced communicable diseases as the biggest killer. According to recent data, approximately 30 percent of the urban population and 15 percent of the population living in rural areas suffer from high blood pressure and heart attacks. As the risk factors of heart ailments increase, so does the mortality rate." He added,"Patients with Type 2 Diabetes have 2 -3 time higher risk of Heart problem as compared to general population. Theis partly because Obesity and other illness such as Hypertension & elevated Cholesterol level contributes to both the diseases, but there are concerns that some of the medications that help control Bllod sugar also damages the Heart. Current scenario demands an immediate emphasis be laid on preventive healthcare. This involves raising awareness about the disease and its risk factors. Conducting public education programs, workshops and counseling sessions for creating awareness at a mass level." According to the World Heart Federation, at least 80% of the premature deaths (because of cardiovascular diseases) can be protected by controlling four main risk factors such as unhealthy diet, tobacco use, lack of physical activity and use of alcohol. On this occasion, Dr Amardeep Kohli , VP Operations, Max Hospital Shalimarbag saidthat 2.4 million Indians die due to heart disease every year as such we need to make a conscious effort to sensitize people about these diseases, the right course of treatment and preventive measures that will help them deal with cardiac problems. Dr Kohli also shared that Max Super Specialty Hospital Shalimarbagh is Empanelled with Haryana Govt, ECHS, CGHS and all major corporates and all type on Non Invasive & Surgical treatment for Cardiac problem is offered under one roof at Max Shalimarbagh.



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