India Industrial Gases Market Outlook to 2026: Ken Research

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The report titled India Industrial Gases Outlook to 2026- By Sales Mode (Industrial and Merchant Liquid), By End User, By Region (North, East, West and South), by States and By Companiesprovides a comprehensive analysis of growth of Industrial gases industry in the India. The report covers various aspects including Market Size of the Industrial gases in India, Market segmentation By Sales Mode (Industrial and Merchant Liquid), By End User, by Region (North, East, West and South), by States and by Companies. The report also covers Industrial gases industry dynamics with focus on construction of competition in the market, type of gases like Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon; as well as the type pf end users like steel manufacturers, electrical and dietary products (food and drinks) in India. Moreover, the report also covers the overall competitive landscape and growth drivers and trends and government role and regulations. The report concludes with market projection for future, Covid-19 impact, analysts’ take on the future and case studies highlighting the major opportunities.

India Industrial Gases Market Overview and Size

Industrial gases play a quintessential role in the industrial and economic development of India. Their processes are constantly reviewed and updated to reduce the cost and make them more sustainable to consider the increasing damage to environment and ecology. They form the foundation of the Industrial expansion and manufacturing sector. With ambitions to go international, domestic players are exploring the dynamics that are offered by international markets and trying to increase the pace of production. After Covid-19, there has been an increase in the demand for the Oxygen gas. A major bottleneck of the industry is the lack of standards and protocols for the supply of these gases.

India Industrial Gases Market Segmentations

By Sales Mode: Industrial gases in India are made available through two major channels of sales that is, Merchant sale liquid and Onsite or Industrial. In terms of capacity the liquid mode take the lion’s share over the onsite sales mode.

By Registration by Region & State: Major region in the industry are east and it produces the largest share of the production capacity. Inters of states, Jharkhand is the major producer’s states followed by Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Haryana.

By End User: Industrial Oxygen is highly required in industries such as steel manufacturing & automotive. Hence most plants are strategically located near the end users for easy transportation through pipelines leading to huge cost savings. Major end users include steel manufactures, glass manufacturing, packaging etc.

Competitive Landscape of India Industrial Gases Market

The competition in Industrial Gases market in India is highly concentrated where leading manufacturers account for ~80% share in the market. The major Industrial Gases companies include Air Water Inc., Air Liquide, Inox Air Products, Linde, Praxir, Goyal Glasses, HS Kanthi Industrial Gasses Ltd. ,Shivam Industrial Gases Pvt. Ltd., PhIndia Industrial Gases Market Overview and Sizeoenix Gases Ltd., Gupta Oxygen, Kolhapur Oxygen, Bhorukpur Industrial Gases Pvt. Ltd., Shri Sai Industrial Gases, Southern Gas Ltd., Taiyo Nippon Sanso Ltd., Universal Air & Gas Ltd. ,Ellenbarie, Assam Air Product, Premier Cyroger, Madhuraj Industrial Gas Ltd., Pavan Industrial Gas Ltd, Ultragases Pvt. Ltd., Delux Gas Ltd and others.

India Industrial Gases Market Future Outlook and Projections

The Indian Industrial Gases Market has steadily grown over the years and will continue to grow in the forecasted period 2021-2025. The major driver is the end user requirement which will increase as the manufacturing develops further in India. Pandemic shook the industry for a while but things are back on track to move ahead now. The Government of India has approved the National Steel Policy 2017 to put the domestic manufacturers on the map and bring competitive edge to the industry. This policy will be a major driver for the Industrial gases industry.



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