Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

India Inc. asks employees to work from home to beat Corona crisis



Amidst the rising number of infections and the widespread panic caused by the novel Coronavirus, some of India’s largest corporations and startups have asked their employees to work from home. The move is an effort to curb the number of cases with social isolation and ensuring there is minimal contact among people.

From postponing all internal events and meetings to leveraging technologies such as tele-presence and video conferencing, these startups are finding alternatives to keep their business up and running.

Housejoy, a leading tech-driven Construction, Renovation, Interiors & Home Maintenance company has amped up its fumigation and home cleaning services to cater to the growing needs and emergencies. The company has also tied up with corporates and partners to provide free fumigation services to curb the likelihood of the spread of coronavirus. They are also taking several measures to ensure that their employees are protected and safe.

Adding his comments, Sanchit Gaurav, CEO and Founder, Housejoy, said, “Our employees have been encouraged to work from home to ensure their safety by minimizing physical contact. We have enabled online media conferencing and VPN access to ensure operations run smoothly. Apart from this, employees at remote sites have been provided with masks, sanitizers and educated on necessary precautionary measures. At Housejoy, we have also doubled our efforts towards taking vital measures when it comes to hygiene and we take the utmost care while rendering our services to our customers at their homes. The service providers are mandated to use masks, sanitizers during the process. Co - operation among team members and support can help us tide over this crisis.”

Corporates, technology firms and startups are raising awareness among their employees on better hygiene practices, avoiding public spaces and seeking medical help if they have cough or fever.

Speaking about this, Sharan Grandigae, Founder and CEO, Redd Experience Design, “Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve suspended Experience Fridays, our monthly meet-ups, and we’re switching to a work-from-home model for the rest of this week. These are being done as preventive measures even though working from home is not the most ideal method of working for a design company as a lot of our work requires ad hoc and in-person discussions.”

Agatsa, an emerging Medtech startup committed to innovating simple to use, affordable and accurate medical devices has made it mandatory for employees to opt for remote working. Rahul Rastogi, Co–founder & CEO, Agatsa, said, “Nothing is more important at this stage than ensuring that our employees are in good health and that we curtail the spread of Coronavirus to more people. This can only be done if we practice social isolation and take preventive action. We have advised our team to work remotely and ensure that we use technology in the best possible way. We have also ensured that fumigation and regular cleaning is undertaken in the office premises to keep any complications at bay.”

The rise in panic has contributed to several bogus claims, conspiracy theories and misinformation about the disease as well. The founders urge people to follow trusted sources of information, avoid spreading panic and fear, take precautions such as washing hands regularly, and stay calm.



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