India Emerges as Second Largest Source of US Citizens: USNPR 2024

Americana green card
Americana green card

New York  : According to the US Naturalization Policy Report 2024, released on April 15, 969,380 people became naturalized US citizens in fiscal year 2022. Mexico ranks first in terms of people getting natural citizenship in America, which includes people from India, Philippines, Cuba and Dominican Republic. About 42 percent of Indian-born people living in the US have been declared ineligible for US citizenship. By 2023, approximately 290,000 Indian-born foreign nationals who were on green cards in the US are now eligible for citizenship. Some experts have expressed concern about how the US Immigration Department processes citizenship applications.

According to the Parliamentary Report 2024, about 65,960 Indians have officially become US citizens. With this, India has become the second largest source of new citizens for America after Mexico. By 2022, approximately 46 million foreign-born citizens were living in the United States, which was 14 percent of the country of 333 million.

CRS reports 2024 and 2022, 128,878 Mexicans were granted US citizenship. Apart from them, 65,960 Indians, 53,413 Filipinos, 46,913 Cubans, 34,525 Dominican Republic, 33,246 Vietnamese and 27,038 Chinese citizens were given American citizenship. According to the CRS report, by 2023, 2,831,330 people of foreign origin in the US were from India. Let us tell you that this is the second largest number after Mexico (10,638,429). Apart from this, 2,225,447 people are from China.


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