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Monday, April 19th, 2021

India Ed-Tech Driven Career Programs Market Overview and Size

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New Delhi,

The report titled “India Ed-Tech Driven Career Programs Market Outlook to 2025 – Increasing Technological Capabilities of Ed-Tech Companies to Increase Program Enrolments and Spend in Future” provides a comprehensive analysis of the adoption of Ed-Tech in the higher and professional education segment within India. The report covers all various aspects including introduction and overview, demand & supply ecosystem, need for alternate education, target audience analysis through survey, industry size on the basis of enrollments & spend, market segmentation by type of program, operating models, revenue models, technological capabilities of Ed-Tech players, marketing models, team structure of Ed-Tech players, competitive landscape, trends and developments, emerging course and revenue models in the industry. The report concludes with market projections for the future of the industry including forecasted industry size by enrollment and by spend.

India Ed-Tech Driven Career Programs Market Overview and Size:

The market was observed in its growth stage majorly due to the fact that India has a large working population which is leading the demand for up-skilling & re-skilling programs provided by Ed-tech companies. Also, minimal restrictions on competitive entry allow the entry/presence of numerous players operating on a SPOC model, therefore, catering to working professionals, primarily. Government initiatives aimed at increasing the Gross Enrollment Ratio has also played a major role in increasing the adoption for online skilling and vocational training programs. For instance, the government allocated around INR 17,000 crores towards skill-based development and employment generation in India.

India Ed-Tech Driven Career Programs Market Segmentation

By Type of Course (UG, PG, MDP and B2B): MDP programs were witnessed to dominate the industry in terms of enrollment as professional up-skilling programs for executives led the industry. Whereas in terms of program spend, PG programs edged MDP programs due to the comparatively higher batch size of PG programs as compared to MDP programs in India.

India Higher Education Market Segmentation by the Type of Course (UG, PG, Diploma Integrated and Certificate Programs): UG programs dominated the higher education segment due to the high number of institutions, colleges, and universities for higher education in the country. The Gross Enrolment Ratio for overall higher education was measured at 26.3%in India during the year 2019.

Competitive Landscape of Major Players Operating in the India Ed-Tech Driven Career Programs Market:

Competition stage within the Indian Ed-Tech market was observed to be highly fragmented with the presence of major players such as upGrad, Talentedge, SimpliLearn, Talent Sprint, Great Learning, Edureka, NIIT and others who captured a substantial share in terms of student enrolment in 2018-2019. Ed-Tech companies in India were observed to compete on the basis of course quality, program delivery modes, doubt clearance, instructor experience, pricing, student support & tech interface.

India Ed-Tech Driven Career Programs Market Future Outlook & Projections:

The market is expected to grow at a high rate in the future, with working professionals turning to Ed-tech powered up-skilling as well as re-skilling programs in order to learn on-the-go. Also, high job change rates, lay-off rates, risk of getting unemployed by developing technologies and lack of workplace learning opportunities will heighten the adoption of uptake of Ed-tech powered online programs. Moreover, the graduate & college segment is predicted to surge in the future due to favorable government judgments and the need for placement focused programs for college students.



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