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The report titled “India Corporate Training Market Outlook to 2025 driven by Introduction of Experimental Training, Greater Use of Artificial Intelligence and Increase in Government Initiatives to Boost Training” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Corporate Training Market in India. The report also includes Market Size, Segmentation by Sectors and Courses in Each Sector, Trends, Developments, Challenges, Market Share of Major Players, and Aggregators in India Corporate Training Market. The report also covers Success Case Studies of International Ed Tech Players, Investment Model and Future Analysis along with Analyst Recommendations.

India Corporate Training Market Overview and Size

The market for corporate training in India has been a niche market that has witnessed steady growth but is yet to be explored in full potential and has a huge scope for expansion in the coming years. The training methodology has seen rapid digitization of content and migration towards online training. The Corporate Training Market is in the growth stage with large number of players competing in the market. The market has been growing at a double digit growth rate during the period 2013-2018.

India Corporate Training Market Segmentation

India Corporate Training Market is segmented on the basis of following parameters which primarily include industry verticals, type of training services, industry, mode of learning, training to level of employees, major cities, open and customized training programs, learning mode, demand from small, medium and large organizations and learning technologies and demand from MNCs and domestic organizations.

By Industry Verticals (IT/ITES, Telecom, BFSI, Automobile, Retail, FMCG, Manufacturing and Others)

The shift from secondary sector to service led growth in India has further instigated the requirement for trained IT professionals.

The telecom space in India is very large and has continuous requirement for corporate trainings. Rapid digitization of banking coupled with insurance data and compliance led undertakings in lieu of strict RBI mandates to enhance data security further intensified training demands in the vertical. Heavy online migration of the FMCG sector has influenced the training market in this sector. Rapid influx of foreign automotive companies in India has instigated demand for corporate trainings.

By Type of Training Services (Technical, Leadership, Managerial, Sales, Customer Management and Others)

Leadership trainings are mainly conducted for the highest level of management in the organization. On the other hand technical trainings are conducted on the starting level when the employee joins the organization. Organizations have been focusing on training the supervisors and managers instead of training the executives which has got two-fold benefits.

By Industry (Services, Manufacturing, Government, Retail/Wholesale, Education, Association and Non Profit Organizations)

Corporate Training in India has been dominated by the Services Industry; whereas Association and Non Profit Organizations have a miniscule share to the overall market.  The Government and Education has shown an increasing interest in Corporate Training. Educational Institutes especially the technical ones have been witnessed to conduct various technical programs to make the students industry ready.

By Designation of Employees (Non Managerial Level, Managerial Level and Integrated)
Technical Trainings are the most imparted at Non Managerial level and Fresher’s form the majority of the employees trained at Non Managerial level. The managerial trainings were on upbeat in India on account of innovative and business enabling courses being developed by the training houses.
By Open and Customized Learning

Indian corporate training landscape is marked by a considerable demand for customized trainings. Flexibility in timing and audience relevancy of the course are the two major rationales behind program customizations.

Competition Scenario

Low cost of investment and lack of entry barriers for incumbents has led to high fragmentation and therefore competition in the market. Overall, the market can be categorized into 3 sorts of players based on the employee size being 0-200, 200-500 and 500+ employees. The major players include NIIT, Manipal Global Education, Centum Learning, Aptech Limited, Koenig Solutions and CADD Centre for Training.

India Corporate Training Future Market Size

Corporate Training Budgets are expected to increase in the future and corporate training in the hospitality sector is expected to grow as it has witnessed higher levels of employee attrition in India. The Market is expected to increase at a double digit growth rate during the period FY’2019 and FY’2025. Growing E Learning Market, Entry of New Players, Increase in Governmental Support and Increase in Mid Size and Small Businesses.


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