India Approves Rs 19,000 Crore Deal to Export BrahMos Missiles – Focus on Boosting Indian Arms Exports

BrahMos Missiles

New Delhi:
The Cabinet Committee on Security has given the green light for the purchase of 200 BrahMos missiles, a pivotal move aimed at enhancing India’s defense capabilities and promoting its stature as a leading player in the global arms market. Valued at Rs 19,000 crores, this deal underscores India’s commitment to bolstering its military strength.

Strategic Deployment for Indian Navy

The BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles will be acquired for the Indian Navy, where they will be strategically deployed on naval warships. With their exceptional speed and precision, BrahMos missiles serve as vital assets in the Indian Navy’s anti-ship and attack operations, further solidifying the country’s maritime defense posture.

BrahMos Aerospace: A Joint Endeavor

BrahMos Aerospace, a joint venture between India and Russia, stands at the forefront of missile development, producing state-of-the-art supersonic cruise missiles. These versatile weapons can be launched from submarines, warships, aircraft, and land-based platforms, showcasing India’s indigenous capabilities in defense technology.

Elevating India’s Defense Exports

The approval of the BrahMos missile deal signals India’s intent to not only strengthen its own defense arsenal but also to expand its footprint in the global arms market. The recent agreement with the Philippines marks a significant milestone, with the country becoming the first foreign buyer of the BrahMos missile system.

Ambitious Export Targets

With aspirations to reach $5 billion in arms exports by 2025, India is actively pursuing opportunities to showcase its defense prowess on the world stage. Prime Minister Modi’s vision of boosting arms exports aligns with the strategic role that the BrahMos missile system plays in achieving this ambitious target.

Diversification and Beyond

Beyond the BrahMos missile deal, India is poised to explore opportunities for exporting other indigenously developed defense systems, including the Akash missile and Howitzer cannons. By focusing on enhancing the quality of hardware and expanding market outreach, India aims to emerge as a key player in the global arms trade.

Promoting Export Growth

To facilitate the growth of arms exports, the Defense Ministry is dedicated to improving the quality standards of Indian defense hardware. Additionally, Indian companies are actively establishing a presence in foreign markets, laying the groundwork for increased export opportunities and strategic partnerships.


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