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Thursday, September 16th, 2021

India Afghanistan women Artists showcasing Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam by Empowerment


New Delhi, Empowerment is organizing an India Afghanistan women Artists Art Exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day . Five Renowned Indian Painters and Five Afghan Women Artists are participating in this Exhibition . This show will take place at Indian council for cultural relations , New Delhi Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali, Ambassador of Afghanistan to India  spoke about the depth and history of cultural relations between the two nations and added that in today’s world, Indians and Afghans have been two Asian countries whose joint fight against British empire’s culture and political captivity and domination is known to all. “Living in a joint cultural stronghold, these people were able to leave permanent memories and art to their future generations. If, from the one side Mahatma Gandhi and Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan (Frontier Gandhi) held the invincible sword of non-violence and fought against colonialism; on the other side, Rabindranath Tagore combined both the nations writing the everlasting novel ‘Kabuliwala’,” added the Afghan Ambassador ICCR Director General Riva Ganguly Das said . “ICCR believes that Art can play a key role in engaging in creative dialogue with other nations. Exhibitions like these help us in understanding cultures of other countries and also gives opportunity to our own people to interact with world class performers,” Kumar Vikas Saxena (President, Empowerment) noted artist and art curator, believes on spreading messages and training young people on serious women related issues through visual communication to see how it can and does impact cultural understanding by creating a new conversation for women related issues in the nation. Art needs to have an interaction with community. A dialogue through fine art is direct and transcends language barriers. Fine Art gives visual character to thoughts, emotions and moods and is steeped in cultural thought. This all Women Artists show “Women on Wings” advocates mutual acceptance and promotes a change in thinking. On this common platform, women artists from varied backgrounds and school of thoughts are getting together to celebrate a theme closest to their hearts and mind. They are celebrating themselves and various facets of a woman that are both sensual and divine at the same time. The painting Exhibition is a celebration of “Shakti”, of femininity, of poise, of grace and of life itself.



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