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Saturday, November 27th, 2021

India accounts for 10 % of global road deaths highest in the world

INVC NEWS New Delhi ,

International Road Federation (IRF) , Geneva based global road safety working for better and safer roads worldwide has expressed concern at School bus accident  in Noida and injury of students.

[caption id="attachment_244049" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Global road safety body irf expresses concern at noida school bus accident[/caption]

" The school transport safety norms are fully ignored by the vehicles including buses and vans ferrying students in National Capital Region (NCR)  and other states . The drivers flout all norms by carrying more children than capacity, crossing red light, talking on mobile while driving , necessary permits missing, driving with LPG cylinders, thus risking lives of students every day" said Mr K K Kapila, chairman, International Road Federation (irf)

"There are quite a lot of safety measures and regulations that needs to be followed by all the schools. Buses are among the safest form of school transportation  .The school buses should be equipped with safety features including school tracked  Global Positioning System (GPS) , anchored safe extra padded  seating with high back and seat belts, First Aid, Fire Extinguisher, horizontal bars on Windows and emergency exits" said Mr Kapila

" Regular safety campaigns including adding of road safety curriculum in schools and penalties have failed to deter errant drivers  of school vans and buses as sector remains unregulated ' he said.

"the concerned authorities including police, school and parents are equally to be blamed as they ignore all safety norms of school transport including fire fighting system, seat belts for children , air bags etc " he added

" India accounts for 10 % of global road deaths highest in the world and most of them are children and young who die in road accidents" he added




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