Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

India – Brazil Business Forum AI security camera

New Delhi,  

India – Brazil Business Forum concluded today at the Taj Palace Hotel where President of the Federal Republic of Brazil H.E. Jair Bolsonaro and the Minister of Technology H. E Marcos Pontes signed more than 15 MoUs including the ones in information technology and energy. One of the highlights of the forum was the POLSEC AI camera which was classified as the “Most advanced Innovation of Artificial Intelligence Applied to public Security and defense in the world".

In the outside of the MoUs, the Brazilian delegation endorsed the AI CAMERA as concrete and tangible cooperation that will help the Indian government install Artificial Intelligent cameras in India Streets in a massive way. "This advanced technology does not need humans to watch as the AI does all the sensitive work and generates alert to police command and control center if something wrong or suspicious behavior is detected. With institutional support, the Indian government can get this camera manufactured in India and do not be dependent on Chinese technology anymore. The POLSEC AI  camera is designed to be implemented in a massive way using the street light pole already in the streets in all cities as it uses “POP” (Pole As Platform)," says Renato Werner, Founder & CEO POLSEC.

During the interview, the CEO of  Brazilian AI company said the solution has an India DNA due to some algorithms applied in the AI chip manufactured by the giant American company INTEL, which was developed by a mixed  BRAZIL INDIA team of Data Science PhDs and programmers. The makers want to manufacture and install one million units of AI cameras in India streets by next year. "The business model is not decided yet and can be by a technology transfer agreement to manufacture all cameras in India by one Public company, building one factory to do mass production in India or through any other local partner. The decision will be taken in the following weeks," adds Renato Werner, Founder, and CEO of the POLSEC group.



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