Incredible India Film receives the cifft Grand Prix Award in Vienna

INVC Bureau
(Austria). INCREDIBLE INDIA promotional film received the Grand Prix Award in Vienna. The award was received by Tourism minister Kumari Selja .
Following the text of Minister’s speech on the occasion: “It is a great privilege for me to be receiving the Grand Prix Award for our new Incredible India promotional film. The film has been used extensively in our global marketing campaigns and has received worldwide recognition. After winning a series of international awards at Berlin, Poland, Romania, France, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Croatia, the film has now been honoured with this prestigious Grand Prix Award.
The “Incredible India” story started in the year 2002 when the Ministry of Tourism took the initiative to brand the country, with the primary objective of establishing a unique and single identity – “Incredible India”. The campaign has generated huge interest about Indian tourism products globally and contributed significantly in the growth of tourism in India.
We have been working in close association and coordination with stakeholders in the tourism industry who have all contributed to the building of the Incredible India brand line. This film which has been awarded today has also been produced in collaboration with the Experience India Society – a successful public-private sector initiative working towards the promotion of tourism to our beautiful country. The film successfully showcases, India’s diverse tourism product in order to attract international traveler to our country.
This recognition will encourage us to move forward with greater enthusiasm. “


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