Increasing heat: Along with humans, animals and birds are troubled by the scorching heat

heat wave
heat wave

It is extremely hot at this time as if fire is raining from the sky. The day temperature is also increasing rapidly. To get relief from this, humans, animals and birds all need shade from the sun and the support of cool water. Proper arrangements are made for the people by placing pots with water and taps at various places, but at this time it is very important to take care of animals and birds. Because they have to struggle hard for water. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the people to discharge their responsibilities by making proper arrangements of food and water for the birds. So that the birds roaming in the open sky and sunlight can get relief. There are some people who are fulfilling their responsibility very well.

The number of birds has increased on the roofs and enclosures of houses. The lives of animals and birds are in danger due to continuous heat. In this mainly air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution are not being controlled completely. During the day the water becomes hot which the birds are unable to consume. The water of rivers and ponds becomes clear and crystal clear. In view of the scorching heat, some social organizations and common people started a campaign to arrange food and water for the voiceless animals and birds. This campaign is being run from door to door, in which aware and environment lovers are involved.

In this scorching heat, due to rivers and streams drying up, birds are not even getting water to drink. In such a situation, environment lovers have started a unique initiative. To quench the hunger and thirst of birds, food and water was distributed to eligible villagers and children. In which water and grains are being kept daily. Villagers are also cooperating in this work. Due to this, people are now providing food and water to animals and birds.


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