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New Delhi,
In the course of worsening air quality in Delhi, it is very important to keep a check on our health. The extreme pollution that can be seen these days in Delhi is degrading every person’s immunity system living here. As the immunity system is the body defense against infectious organisms and the other invaders, it is essential for everyone to boost their immune system. The smog on the other side is degrading the immunity system of the body.

Smog is harmful and it is evident from the components that form it and effects that can happen from it. It is harmful to humans, animals, plants and the nature as a whole. The impact of smog was felt in Delhi immediately after Diwali. It is well known for causing chest pain, coughing and irritation in eyes and throat. Smog is very hazardous for people suffering from asthma. The body of human faces a lot of difficulties in defending itself against the harmful effect of smog.

Dr. Naresh Arora is renowned Naturopathist and Aroma therapists have years of experience and also he has conferred various prestigious awards like Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Udyog Shiromani Puraskar, International Medical Excellence Award, India Healthcare Award and many more for his distinct achievements. He incorporated Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics after widely understanding variety of knowledge in salon treatments, beauty care products and aromatherapy.

Here are some solutions to develop inner immunity by Dr Naresh Arora with his experience in the field of Naturopathy and Aromatherapy:

Always keep your face and body hydrated by drinking as much water as possible the whole day. Don’t let the body dehydrate, it can affect your skin and cause roughness.

Take one Basil leaf (Tulsi leaf) and keep it below the tongue for half or one hour. You can do this twice a day if you want to boost your immunity and if your body has already been affected by the smog this process can help cure it within 15 days.

Every morning, a decoction of Basil leaf with black pepper will be helpful. This can be very helpful for everyone to improve immunity and it is also essential for people who have breathing problem.

Consumption of fruit salad and liquid diet can be effective detoxifying diet.

Inhale hot steam with one or two drop of basil or eucalyptus aroma oil, ones or twice a day. This humidified air will improve the breathing and kills the viruses inside the body.

These are the few things one can try which can be very helpful to develop the immunity of our body caused b y the smog.


Dr.-Naresh-AroraInputs provided by:

Dr. Naresh Arora

Founder of Chase Aromatherapy Cosmetics and Skincare Institute




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