In India, about 18 people die every hour in road accidents

The entire nation is shocked by the death of former Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry in a road accident in Palghar, Maharashtra on Sunday. After this the debate on Indian roads and unsafe traffic has started. The condition of the roads in the country is quite alarming. Talking about the figures of road accidents in 2021, about 426 people lose their lives in road accidents every day in the country. According to this, about 18 people die in road accidents every hour.

These figures were recently released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). According to official government figures, this is the highest number of deaths recorded in any year so far. In addition, 3.71 lakh people were injured in 4.03 lakh ‘road accidents’ across the country last year.

The NCRB data shows that the number of deaths due to road accidents has reached an all-time high last year, while the number of road accidents and injuries has come down compared to the previous years. The data shows that the mortality rate per thousand vehicles was 0.53% in 2021, up from 0.45% in 2020 and 0.52% in 2019, but lower than 2018 (0.56%) and 2017 (0.59%).

The 2020 data showed that 3.54 lakh road accidents took place in the country this year, in which 1.33 lakh people were killed, while another 3.35 lakh were injured. According to the data, around 4.37 lakh road accidents took place in 2019, in which 1.54 lakh people were killed, while another 4.39 lakh were injured. In the year 2018, 4.45 lakh road accidents took place in the country in which 1.52 lakh people lost their lives while another 4.46 lakh were injured. In 2017, there were 4.45 lakh accidents, in which 1.50 lakh were killed and 4.56 lakh were injured.

According to the NCRB’s annual report, in most states, more people have been injured than killed in road accidents, but in Mizoram, Punjab, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, the death toll in accidents is more than the number of injured. Another thing revealed in the NCRB data for 2021 is that public transport like buses, trains, personal vehicles are safer than cars and motorcycles. PLC/GT


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