Monday, July 13th, 2020

Imran Khan interacted with team Glamsham to promote his upcoming film KATTI BATTI

Bollywood actor Imran Khan, Bollywood actor, Imran KhanINVC NEWS Mumbai, Bollywood actor Imran Khan, who is going to back on the silver screen after almost two years, met & interacted with team Glamsham to promote his upcoming film KATTI BATTI which also stars Kangana Ranaut. He spoke about an array of things. Here’s a small snippet from the conversation. Talking about his expectations from KATTI BATTI Imran said, “You never know what to expect because that’s the reality of our business. For me, I have no sort of expectations. But it’s one of the rare films where I know that I’m satisfied.” He further added, “There are so many variables and so many degrees of separation from the script to the day that the film releases that very often things get out of your hand and out of control and you end up with a film which you look at and be like ‘this is not what I signed for or this isn’t what I was planning.’ KATTI BATTI is one of those rare films which has turned out to be exactly what I’d hoped.” Imran seems to be very satisfied with the film. He said, “I can look at the film beginning to end and there is not a frame that seems out of place to me. There was not a moment that I say, ‘I wish I could fix this or I wish I could change that’. So that way your personal satisfaction is very rare.” He’s got this satisfactory feeling a couple of times before too and he is very pleased to feel the same way again. “I’ve had it a couple of times, I felt that way about JAANE TU YA JAANE NA, DELHI BELLY & also EK MAIN AUR EK TU. So getting that feeling is quite lovely,” he said. We had heard about Aamir Khan asking Nikhil to tone down few of the dialogues. When quizzed Imran about it, he said, “He had a very interesting point and this is something that developed without even us realizing it. Nikhil & my tendency is a little more urban, so in our making the film natural & organic, a lot of English lines came in. Aamir had said something interesting that out story, our emotional thread is very broad-based, it’s not an urban sentiment, the heart is broad-based. So if people understand all the dialogues, they’ll all like it. He said that you are excluding an audience just because you’re saying things in a language they don’t understand. He then left it to our choice.” Since Aamir had a point there, they tweaked a few dialogues into Hindi while dubbing. Imran said, “We’d already shot it, so while dubbing we’ve tweaked some of the lines into Hindi. Specifically the plot points, any point that comprehension would be an issue where you’re revealing something relevant to the story & plot. All of those scenes we’ve particularly made sure that they’re in Hindi so that we don’t disconnect.” He further added, “It had not occurred to Nikhil or me and it’s these little things which make a difference between all of us watching it and liking it and my driver actually watching it and getting all of it.”



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