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Monday, October 26th, 2020

importance of Educational ties in two countries amid COVID-19 

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New Delhi,  

It is easy to anticipate that the international flow of college and university students will decline in the sight of both the political change inward and the new travel restrictions for public safety. According to Study Abroad counselors, the situation looks grim and might affect long term plans for many students. The Covid-19 safety precautions and travel constraints may not subside in time for a seamless flow for the international student that existed before the outbreak. The reasons students and their parents pursued international education, and the value of studying in another country continues. The transfer of knowledge across national boundaries requires scientific expertise and the leadership capacity to unite people across many ethnic groups, languages, nations, communities and time zones. Leaders of the future in all fields must think globally and not be self-regarding to just think about the local students. The strong political and economic ties between the two world's most significant democracies is really important as this will create a huge opportunity for Indian students to study in an exchange program in the US. Last year India has sent over 2 lakh students from India to be educated in the US for an undergraduate degree or an internship.


Student exchange is a mutually beneficial proposition for all countries. It offers a mutually reinforcing cycle of advantages that come with increasing cooperation and coordination. Many of the Indian students who are excelling at different colleges and universities are citizens of both India and the respective country they are studying in. They are the truly cross-cultural bridge figures, fluent in both societies and the global economy, who will lead us into a promising future. Even if we need to pause while we fight the novel coronavirus, we should not forget the importance of strengthening the educational ties. For both the short and long-term, the success of the response efforts hinges on coordinated actions through effective and accountable partnerships.


Geeta Jain, Founder of Mediconation said, “In this pandemic times, there is a complete restriction on travel in nation or outside of it so we can easily imagine that international flow of colleges and university students could decrease. Due to Covid19 and health precautions for it restricted everyone to travel from outside of India. But we have to understand that it’s really important for India to connect Educational ties with another country like the US, Australia, or any other foreign country. Analyzing the situation of our Health care department in Covid-19, We want our students to opt for medical as a career and gain great knowledge from foreign universities and for that we want our nation to build a hood of Foreign Relations with other countries. Students studying in countries like the US have a great impact on their studies and practice as they gain more practical knowledge in colleges only. In the future, we need more doctors in India and for that, we have to send our students abroad studies. Political and economic ties between the two nations play a vital role in the educational collaboration between those two nations. With Nations like the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, Georgia and Armenia we have good relations with their governments that backed off in our education system”



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