Nominations for DAA, DYAA and OSA are invited from all over the world and this year 163 and 37 nominations were considered for DAA and DYAA 2021 respectively


IIT Roorkee announced its Distinguished Alumnus Awards (DAA), Outstanding Service Awards (OSA) and Distinguished Young Alumnus Awards (DYAA) 2021 for 2021. Every year these awards are presented to the alumni of IIT Roorkee to recognize their outstanding contributions in their chosen careers. It may be noted that OSA has been introduced for the first time to recognize the alumni for their outstanding service to their alma mater.


Nominations for DAA, DYAA and OSA are invited from all over the world and this year 163 and 37 nominations were considered for DAA and DYAA 2021 respectively. Over the years, the students graduating from this institute have achieved excellence and stature in industry, business, government, academic and research institutions, as well as successful entrepreneurs or in their service to society.


The DAA awardees of 2021 are:


  • Research Excellence:
  1. O.P. Malik (1962 ME Electrical Engg.), Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary, Canada
  2. Rajeev Ahuja (1986 MSc, Physics), Director IIT Ropar and Professor, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden


  • Excellence in Technology Innovation:
  1. Dinesh Srivastava (1982 BE Metallurgical Engg.), Chairman & CEO, Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad
  2. S.S.V. Ramakumar (1984 M Sc, Chemistry), Director (R&D) and Board Member, Indian Oil Corporation


  • Excellence in Leadership in the Government or Public Sector:

Government Sector:

  1. Shailendra Kumar Joshi (1981 BE Electronics & Communication Engg.), Retired Chief Secretary, Govt of Telangana.

Public Sector:

  1. Dinesh Kumar Likhi (1981 BE Metallurgical Engg.), Retired Chairman cum Managing Director, MIDHANI.


  • Excellence in Leadership in the Private Sector:
  1. Saurabh Agrawal (1982 BE Chemical Engg.), Group CFO and Director, Tata Sons Private Limited.
  2. Sumit Dhawan (1996 BE Computer Sciences Engg.), President VMware, Palo Alto, California, USA.


Outstanding Service Award (OSA):

  • Category 1: Augmenting Resources for IITR
  1. Pitamber Shivnani (1986 BE Electrical Engg.), MD & CEO GE, T&D India Limited
  • Category 2: Promoting Excellence in Academics and Research
  1. Kiran Panesar (1989 BE Computer Science Engg.), Staff Software Engineer, Google lnc., CA, USA.
  2. Pradeep Kumar Bhatnagar (1970 BE Electrical Engg.), President Technical at Reliance Jio.


Distinguished Young Alumnus Awards (DYAA):

  1. Raju Kumar Gupta (2005 B.Tech Chemical Engg.), Assoc. Professor, Department of Chemical Engg., llT Kanpur.
  2. Ankit Garg (2010 B.Tech Chemical Engg.), CEO & Co-Founder, Wakefit.
  3. Mukul Rustagi (2013 B.Tech Electronics & Communications Engg.), CEO & Co-Founder, Classplus.


Addressing the media, Prof A.K. Chaturvedi, Director IIT Roorkee, said, “IIT Roorkee is fortunate to have a large number of alumni who have done exceedingly well in their chosen profession. Not surprisingly, these awards are quite competitive. This year we are happy to present awards to 14 of our alumni under various categories. I convey my hearty congratulations to all the awardees”.

These awards shall be conferred on the Foundation Day of IIT Roorkee i.e. 25th November, 2021.


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