To cater to the needs of health conscious customers, IFB, which happens to be one of the strongest consumer durable brands in India, today announced a new range of microwaves, which promise healthy cooking. The IFB Oil-free Microwave ovens launched today boast of preparing delicious oil free food.

The new generation of microwave ovens by the name of ‘Cook Healthy’ will be packed with a host of innovative features and cooking functions including oil free cooking. A live demonstration was given by noted dietician Dr Shreya while cardiologist Dr. U.P. Singh spoke on healthy eating habits and how oil free food was a better option for a healthy life.

Addressing the mediapersons soon after the launch, Mr. S. Ghosh, Head Marketing, IFB, said, “Packed with a host of innovative features and cooking functions including Oil free cooking, Turn grill & Super Clean technology, the new microwaves are a perfect solution for those who want to cook a variety of healthy food quickly and easily.”

Mr. Ghosh said, the new microwave ovens have a stylish, contemporary look and feature stainless steel/anti-bacterial frame. The Cook-Healthy Microwave also boasts of a simple control panel with blue LCD/LED display and ‘Power Sensor Touch’ user interface. You can easily scroll through menus and options and tap for precise control, he added.

Mr. Anthony D’souza, Product Head, while giving the information said new range of microwave oven features new Heater Selector function. The function is divided into two options to perfectly suit the type of food to cook. During Heater Selector function, the temperature of the cavity rises in order to generate powerful heat to cook your food perfectly, without using oil.

In addition to the new Heater Selector function, the Cook-Healthy microwave also allows you to choose from a wide range of cooking modes, including convection, grill, micro power and defrost. Whether you’re looking to bake a cake, grill sausages or defrost meat, IFB’s new microwave oven will provide outstanding results every time, he added.

The 30FRC2 and 30BRC2 models feature Rotisserie function. The Turn Grill Rod rotates 360 degree throughout the grilling process. The result is perfect and even grilling which enables a new and fast way to cook a wide range of ingredients, retaining flavor and keeping food moist.

Mr. Ranjan Mathur, Regional Head, North said, new microwaves also allow you to combine multiple cooking functions simultaneously. The microwave power cooks food quickly whilst the oven/grill provides traditional browning/crispiness. All of this can take place simultaneously, resulting in most ingredients being cooked in two thirds of the time it would usually take. Also, with a simple press of the ‘Keep Warm’ button, the convection mode starts at a low temperature to keep your food warm and moist once the cooking is done. This helps you in keeping your food warm for thirty minutes to an hour, he added.

Mr. Mohit Chawla, DGM, Sales while elaborating on the Super Clean Technology, explained, IFB’s latest microwaves also feature the Steam Clean and Deodorise functions that make cleaning your microwave easier than ever before. Simply put a bowl of water inside the cavity, and press ‘Steam Clean’ button. After only a few moments, just one wipe is all it takes to keep your microwave oven clean and hygienic, without using detergents. Similarly, press ‘Deodorize’ button to eliminate bacteria and bad odours from your microwave oven. Not only microwave oven, you can also disinfect your microwaveable cook wares with the help of ‘Disinfect’ function.


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