UPI Payment, how to avoid UPI Payment fraud
UPI Payment, how to avoid UPI Payment fraud

If you also use UPI Payment, then there is big news for you. In today’s time, transacting money through UPI has become very common. If we have to transfer even 10 rupees, then we use UPI for that, but in the midst of all this, do you know how many rupees you can transfer in a day.

All banks have different limits

Let us tell you that this limit is different for the customers of all the banks. All bank customers including SBI, and others get different limits, through which you can transact money.

Know which bank has UPI limit-

1. If you are an SBI customer, you can do a transaction of Rs 1 lakh through UPI in a day.

2. HDFC Bank customers can also do transactions up to Rs 1 lakh, but for new customers this limit is only Rs 5000.

3. ICICI Bank customers can do UPI transactions up to Rs 10,000, but for Google Pay users this limit is Rs 25,000.

4. Bank of Baroda customers can do transactions up to Rs.25,000.

5. Apart from this, Axis Bank customers can do transactions up to Rs 1 lakh.

RBI is making this plan

Let us tell you that now RBI is making a new plan regarding UPI payment. The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) is preparing to limit the volume cap of the country’s Third Party App Providers (TPAP) to 30 percent. Talks are going on with the Reserve Bank of India in this regard.

Only after the approval of RBI, companies like Phone Pay, Google Pay and Paytm will be able to fix its limit, due to which customers may have to face problems in the beginning. Although how much limit will be imposed on this, it is not yet decided.


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