Baba Bageshwar, Dhirendra Shastri
Baba Bageshwar, Dhirendra Shastri

Baba Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham is now in discussion in some form or the other across the country. Sometimes he is making headlines for his statements and sometimes for religion and prophecies. Now Baba Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham is on a tour of Gujarat. Meanwhile, Baba, who was running the Divya Darbar in Surat, gave a controversial statement. Dhirendra Shastri said that the people of Gujarat should unite and spread Hinduism. Dhirendra Shastri said that if the people of Gujarat unite, they will convert not only India, but also Pakistan into a Hindu nation. He said that we want to make India a Hindu nation and the people of Gujarat will have to help in this.

Dhirendra Shastri said in his court that the lunatics of Gujarat, always remember one thing that we have not come here to take any money or respect, we have come to give you Hanuman. About 1 lakh people are said to be present in this divine court.

It is noteworthy that the birth centenary celebration of Pramukh Swami was organized at this place. Earlier, the divine court of Baba Bageshwar was to be held on May 20-30 at Shakti Maidan, Sector-6, Chanakyapuri, but Shakti Maidan has the capacity to accommodate only 8 to 10 thousand people. An 80 feet long and 40 feet wide platform has been built for the divine court of Baba Bageshwar. Tomorrow also 1000 volunteers and 500 police personnel will be deployed in the court of Baba Bageshwar. Apart from this, 500 bouncers will also be deployed.


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