If China tries to attack, the US army will protect Taiwan


Know why China is afraid of attacking Taiwan

Xi Jinping is currently afraid to attack Taiwan. This has been claimed by the US Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA says that China is currently doubting its ability due to Russia’s condition in the Russia-Ukraine war. CIA director William Burns said that China has now deferred intention to attack Taiwan.

Xi Jinping has now directed its country’s army to be ready by 2027 to attack Taiwan. China is afraid that Russia has a condition as it is in the Ukraine war.

American officer Burns said in a television interview on Sunday that the US will have to be fully conscious even if China does not attack Taiwan yet. Burns said that America’s desire to control Taiwan should take the US very seriously. He said that Xi has instructed the PLA, Chinese military leadership to be ready to attack Taiwan by 2027, but this does not mean that they cannot change ideas.

The President Joe Bidon has said that the US army will protect Taiwan if China tries to attack. The White House says that the US policy is clear that Washington wants to see Taiwan’s position to be resolved peacefully.

Please tell that Taiwan and China were divided after a civil war in 1949. The Communist Party has control in China and he still considers Taiwan as his part, but Taiwan, who describes himself as a sovereign nation, has not yet been recognized by the United Nations or any major country.

In 1979, President Jimmy Carter formally recognized the government in Beijing and abolished relations with Taiwan. Taiwan has received official American support for island democracy due to increasing efforts by Beijing.


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