Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

ICMEI in association with Writer’s Association Launches ‘COREPEELERS’ Book

COREPEELERS… Journey to your Core’ is Authored by Achal Sharma 

Noida ,

International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry in association with Writer’s Association of India launched the book ‘Corepeelers…A Journey to Your Core’ authored by Achal Sharma(AC) a renowned author, speaker and coach at the Marwah Studio, Noida. The book was unveiled by Dr Sandeep Marwah, this book Corepeeler is about Self Assisted Methodology based on rational science to find a solution to all problems.

Achal Sharma (AC) who himself is a Corporate Leader, believes that in this fast-paced world of technological advancements and demanding social pressures, the human race is further getting away from their own self. Since the connection between the body, mind and core is most of the time in a state of misalignment, unfiltered data sent to the brain through the five senses also then lead to chaos in the brain and cause anxiety, depression, stress and other psychological conditions.

As a result, our mind is so preoccupied that it does not even have time to know about its own self. Since we know very little about ourselves, we become dependent on the outer world (people and technology) to solve all our problems. Can anybody know or feel your problems better than you? Can anybody else provide you with the right solution? They can, but wouldn’t that solution be dependent on their own learnings or experiences? Don’t you think only you can provide yourself with the best solution to all your problems? How can that be done? Well, corepeeling is a promising solution being practised by corporates in various multinational companies in India and Abroad.

Under the Corepeeler Foundation we are making corporates, students, society aware of Corepeeling Methodology via this book and various workshops. Hence, if you feel succumb to a situation, there is no need to rush to doctors, baba and alternate therapy. You need to just peel your cores with Corepeeling Methodology based on rational science to find the solution, informed Achal Sharma.



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