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A leading private insurance company has an interesting story to loot/cheat its fellow clients-customers. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance – a leading private insurance company in India is serving its fellow clients-customers or just looting its customers to fill its coffers. The company is a mere looter/cheater as for as this family is concerned. A Family of  village Naushera, Amritsar has three policies during 1984 from ICICI Prulife but the company is sitting over two of its policies and does return even the premium paid to the company after lapse of nearly one and a half decade. And the story of third one is more alarming seriously well thought planned as a looter cheater. Here is the story of this well planned loot; cheat and fraud played by leading private company – ICICI Prulife Insurance with the family.

One of the officials of the Insurance Company visited the family in the second half of May last year for the renewal of lapse/matured/old policy of one of the family member’s named Gujinder Kaur. He was advised to reinvest the full amount of the matured/lapse policy into fresh one – only with onetime payment/investment. All the documents were provided to him for the needful. Till to date the company has failed to supply the Policy documents made by the official concerned in spite of repeated request.

It is very important to mention that the consumer/customer (Smt. Gujinder Kaur) during that period has under gone surgical operation (on May 3, 2017) for Breast Cancer. After that she has undergone chemotherapy followed by Cobalt-Radiation therapy and the indoor exercises were completed by November end 2017. Still she is undergoing medical treatment for the same under the medical supervision of doctors at Sri Guru Ramdas Cancer Hospital, Amritsar. As such the family did not pay any/much attention/enquired about this investment. Moreover the policy has a minimum lock in period.

To the sudden surprise and shock and mental agony of the family, on May 31, 2018, the family got a message that a sum of Rs 75000 only was debited from her account under NACH – and she got a shock to know that when she has not authorized for such a transaction. A complaint was filed with her banker (Oriental Bank of Commerce, Majitha Road, Amritsar) and after the through inquiry the banker told the family that the payment has been credited into ICICI Prulife account – giving another shock to her. As such family has to bear mental agony harassment for no fault of them.

Somehow the family traced the contact of the concerned official/person and his Mobile No but he did not pay any heeds and only adopted delaying tactics too. A complaint was filed with the ICICI Prulife but no response. Even the complaint filed with the Ministry of Finance as well as Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India did not yield any fruit.

Now the simple question arises: 1. How the one time investment policy as advised to the official was converted into annual premium/payment policy. 2. Why the policy was not delivered for more than a year. 3. Can a Cancer patient and a pensioner- retiree from Punjab Education (teacher) department (the only source of her income) at the age of 70 yrs can have such a huge policy with an annual premium/investment of Rs 75 thousand. And that too when her spouse has no source of income and dependent upon her pension.

It’s a clear case of fraud/cheating/loot by the ICICI Prulife organization/official who has done this to achieve the target to save his job. Client is not able to deposit Rs 75000 annually and for how many years? Not known as the ICICI Prulife has failed to provide such information.

Even the complaint filed with the high ups of the organization did not bear any fruit rather they sit of the complaint does not bother to make any reply for the last more than twelve days. Rather the company is shielding its undeserved-unwanted officials


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