Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

IATCA felicitated H.E. Mr. Alem Tsehaye Woldemariam, Ambassador of the Republic of Eritrea as The Dean of African Missions in India

Leeladhar-Bhatt,-Secretary-INVC NEWS New Delhi ,

 An evening was organized by The India Africa Trade and Cultural Association (IATCA) in order to felicitate H.E. Mr. Alem Tsehaye Woldemariam, Ambassador of the Republic of Eritrea on his appointment as the Dean of African Missions in India at Hotel Grand, Vasant Kunj. Ms. Leher Sethi officially convened the event and began with a few words on its significance. The guests were welcomed with a note by Mr. K.L. Malhotra which was followed by the felicitation of H.E. Alem Tsehaye by the Director General of IATCA, Mr. P.C Das. H.E. Alem Tsehaye spoke about the relevance of trade and cultural exchanges between India & African nations. An enthraling Khatak recital by Ms. Sharmistha Mukherjee and her team mesmerized the guests present. The evening concluded with dinner and cocktails. The event which was commemorated in the presence of various delegates, Embassy Heads, Select Diplomats and celebrities was one of the first in a series of events being organized by IACTA to celebrate and strengthen India-Africa trade and cultural ties. The India Africa Trade and Cultural Association (IATCA) is a non-profit organisation which helps in bridging the gap for investors and business. Indian business circles are moving beyond a trade centric approach, to one that reflects the true potential of India to partner countries in Africa across the board. Be it trade, investment, transfer of technology or commercial mining, Indian enterprises are showing eagerness to partner their African counterparts. In doing so, Indian entrepreneurs and businessmen are encouraged by New Delhi's pro-active approach towards 'doing business' with Africa. IATCA is well placed to show a candle to its constituents with a team of dedicated staff and a multi-faceted panel of experienced 'advisors' to venture into Africa. The Main objectives of IATCA believe in a focused approach that encourages stake-holders both from India and Africa, to seize opportunities with both hands, in order to convert intentions into realizable goals. Mr. P.C Das, Director General, IATCA said, “IATCA believes in strengthening a vibrant India and a resurgent Africa having their bilateral, regional and continental partnership. This partnership anchors in the principles of equality, mutual respect and mutual benefit.” Mr. Leeladhar Bhatt, Secretary-IATCA further commented, “IATCA creates a strategic cooperation to overcome important challenges for quality education, skill development and capacity development, affordable health care, clean modern energy sources, infrastructure, suitable employment opportunities through development of all sectors of the economy including agriculture, manufacturing and services and value addition.” Mr. K.L. Malhotra, Co-ordinator-IATCA said, “The formation of IATCA is the culmination of the efforts of friends of Africa who have been engaged in enhancing India Africa Relations since long. We were part of the struggle against apartheid and racial discrimination since 1970 with Mr. Moola, representative of African National Congress (ANC) of South Africa. IATCA will be opening many avenues in economic, technology, trade, education, healthcare, clean energy, food security and above all our joint efforts to combat terrorism for durable peace & poverty free world.”



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