Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

IAHE has a vast pool of resources persons drawn from serving/retired officers

New Delhi,

The Committee constituted for transforming the Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (IAHE) into a world class premier institute on highway sector, which submitted its report last night, has felt a strong need for enhancement of knowledge, skill and expertise of the engineers to maintain the massive road network of India in efficient, environment friendly and safe manner at economical costs. The report says, there is need to improve existing training infrastructure, content and training methodology, establish linkages with world-renowned international institutes and carry out applied research & related works.

To expand the scope of IAHE to include three distinct functions i.e. (i) Training, (ii) Applied Research and Development in the Highways and Public Transport Sector, and (iii) Road Safety and Regulation.
One-year foundation training has been Proposed for AEEs of Ministry and Deputy Managers of NHAI simultaneously including 15 days foreign training. Successful completion of foundation training must for continuation in service.
Successful completion of mid-career training mandatory for promotion to next higher level.
Exclusive training programme proposed for engineers working with contractors and consultants.
IAHE to offer customized training courses for State PWD officers for State Highways, MDRs and Rural Roads.
IAHE to start training programmes for quality control, assistant quality control engineers of consultants and contractors on material testing processes and such training requirements to be made mandatory through appropriate guidelines.
IAHE to collaborate leading foreign institutions / industry on specialised areas such as tunnelling, multilevel crossings, etc.
IAHE to work as think tank of Ministry and render advise on specific references.
Centre of excellence to be created in IAHE for traffic modelling and simulation.
Applied research including field trials to promote use of waste materials, textiles, plastic, new materials, recycling in highway construction.
Proposed upgradation of existing IAHE laboratory along with certification from NABL to conduct all third party testing of materials  used on NH projects.
Storage of all road related data such as traffic, inventory & condition of road and bridges, etc. in IAHE.
IAHE to prepare SOP for management of accidents and establish a centre of traffic engineering, data section and accident analysis for future study and improvement of road safety.
IAHE to be tasked for all activities related to training and certification of road safety auditors.
There is plan for massive infrastructure development of IAHE.
Commensurate changes proposed in organisational structure to realise above objectives.


Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had constituted a Committee comprising of Shri YS Malik, Former Secretary, MoRT&H (Chairman), Shri BN Singh, Former DG(RD)&SS, MoRT&H (Member), Shri MP Sharma, Former ADG, MoRT&H (Member) and Shri SP Singh, Joint Secretary, MoRT&H (Member Secretary) to identify key issues and recommend methods for transforming IAHE into a world – class premier institute on highway sector” having full/comprehensive expertise on highway sector.

IAHE was created by Ministry as a Society in the year 1983 for training of highway engineers from Central Government, State Government, Local Bodies, etc. at entry level and different mid-career levels. It is the premier institute for pooling of experience and sharing of knowledge on entire range of subjects involving planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and management of highways.

IAHE has been functioning in its own sprawling campus developed on 10 acres of land at A-5, Sector-62, Institutional Area, Noida (UP) w.e.f. 01.10.2001. It has necessary training infrastructure facilities including lecture halls, computer laboratory, materials testing laboratory, library and display centre, trainees hostel, etc.

IAHE has a vast pool of resources persons drawn from serving/retired officers of central/state governments, premier academic and research institutions, experts from consultants, contractors and material/equipment manufacturers as well as international experts from various organisations and countries.

Since its inception, IAHE has conducted 1494 training courses and trained 35,988 professionals from India and well as 59 Afro-Asian countries. During 2019-20, IAHE has conducted 85 training courses and trained 2577 highway professionals. IAHE has certified 100 road safety engineers and auditors.



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