I would rather die than ask for myself : Acting CM Shivraj expressed gratitude to everyone


Bhopal : Acting Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan openly discussed in front of the media after resigning. From his future planning to his demands from the new CM, he expressed his views boldly. Caretaker Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that I would rather die than ask for something for myself.

He discussed with journalists at his residence on Tuesday. He said that I am bidding farewell from here, but I am satisfied that the BJP government has been formed with an overwhelming majority. My heart is full of joy. He said that I had got Bimaru Madhya Pradesh. I worked for Madhya Pradesh and its people by putting in all my capability and strength. I worked with complete honesty. Brought shining roads from potholed roads and light from darkness. Did excellent work in agriculture sector also. The GDP of the state increased. We traveled till the metro train. The work done in fields like medical, industry, tourism, religion, education gives satisfaction to the mind. Let us tell you that after Mohan Yadav was elected the leader of BJP Legislative Party, Shivraj Singh Chouhan resigned from the post of CM on Monday.

Now Mohan Yadav will be the next CM of Madhya Pradesh. Enumerating his achievements, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, while listing his achievements, said that I want to say that women empowerment is not a means of getting votes for me. When I was not the CM, I used to get my daughters married. We brought happiness in the lives of sisters and daughters by making a special scheme for women. Secondly, a miracle also happened in the field of agriculture. We were able to do a lot of work for the farmers. We also made many schemes for the poor. The work done for the walking laborers during Covid also gives me satisfaction. The party has given a good leadership. Now we will hand over all this to them and move ahead. In the end I would just like to say that during my tenure as CM, my relations with the public were not those of the CM but those of my family. Sister to brother, children to uncle. I will maintain this relationship as long as I have breath. I will always remain engaged in serving the public.

Expressing gratitude to the central leadership, Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that I am grateful to the PM, I am also grateful to the leadership of the state. I am grateful to the people who considered me among them and their own. I also thank my administrative friends. Who made the plans of my mind come true. I also thank my cabinet. I thank everyone again and again. There is no malice in my mind, but if any of my decisions have hurt anyone, I apologize. Talking about future planning, he said that the relationship between brother and sister will always remain. Our government will take the Ladli Brahmin Scheme forward. The work never ends. The journey of development is endless, this journey will continue under the leadership of Mohan. Now I will play the role of a worker.

BJP is a mission. There is something for everyone here. I will do whatever work the party gives me. As CM, I had more responsibility to bring the government. That’s why I worked wholeheartedly. The decision about me will be taken by my party, not me. My commitment towards the public does not let me get tired. On the record of being CM for a long time, he said that records are meant to be broken as soon as they are made. Shivraj’s demand from the new CM: He told that I have made a demand from the new CM to allow me to plant a tree. For this I should continue to get government land. On the question of contesting elections, he said that this is an imaginary question. Thinking about where I will be is a bad idea. BJP gave me everything, made me CM for 18 years. Now my time has come to give something to the party.


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