New Delhi,
Playing a rapper based from the streets of Mumbai in his next, superstar Ranveer Singh is known to take his personal audio player to various events and amplify his high-octane energy that he’s so known for. The versatile actor and avid music enthusiast took his love for songs to another level when he curated the music playlist for his wedding all by himself. Speaking about his elaborate wedding on the candid couch of Famously Filmfare Season 2 with host Jitesh Pillai, the actor spoke about the responsibility he took for his wedding and many more anecdotes from his special day.

On being questioned that ‘Were there boxes that he ticked for his wedding’, Ranveer Singh said, “I made it very clear, I said you can do everything else because you are good at all of it, unlike me. Only the music is my department. I basically played music at my own wedding. I curated playlists for months.” 

Ranveer then went on to add how it was great to see the entire Bollywood fraternity come and share their happiness at seeing one of the most powerful couples in Bollywood tie the knot.

“It was so beautiful and warm that both Anushka and Katrina turned out for my wedding. And, they weren’t there for the sake of it. They were there to wish us well, which was a really lovely gesture. It was very significant and special for me that Anushka came. It meant a lot to me. It really did.” said Ranveer when asked about Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif’s presence at his wedding.

While Ranveer surely had fun compiling a playlist for his wedding which he narrated without any hesitation in the show. Having such candid chats with A-listers is the beauty of the show, which allows the Bollywood stars to bring forth the real self to their fans.


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